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Top 5 Movie Politicians Worthy of Your Vote

Politics is a dirty game, or so say most movies on the subject. The Ides of March is the latest film to share this sentiment with the public, and though even a cursory glance at the current events page would likely say all that needs to be said on the subject, it remains a powerful movie message.

Of course, not all politicians are bad. Whether you identify more with the political right or left, there are some good apples in the bunch, and as much as Hollywood would have you believe they're all conniving and power-hungry, there are some quality movie politicians throughout history as well. No word yet on whether George Clooney's Governor Mike Morris will be joining this list (my guess is no), but rest assured that with these five individuals in power, we're all in good hands. 

Jefferson Smith — Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Dude just wants to build a camp for boys, yet when he finds himself at odds with the establishment, he isn't afraid to go toe-to-toe with some powerful people. It's interesting how Smith's big political move was to filibuster a vote — something a lot of people vilify today. But regardless, Smith's heart is clearly in the right place, making him more than worthy of your vote.

Dave Kovic — Dave
Kovic technically isn't a politician, but rather a temp agency owner with a sharp tongue. When the president — who looks just like him — is found in a coma, Dave steps into the job and doesn't miss a beat. All I'm saying: If the guy decided to change careers and sought a second term, he'd certainly warrant consideration. Not only is he funny, but he's a genuine guy who cares a lot—probably too much—about the average citizen.

Padme Amidala — Star Wars
The former Queen of Naboo — and love interest of a promising young Jedi — might not be the most powerful Senator in the Galactic Senate (that would be the oddly menacing Senator Palpatine … anyone else think the guy is up to something?), but she knows right from wrong. Although she ultimately steps down from her position, we'd support another term in a second over her successor — Senator Jar Jar Binks (D'oh!).

Andrew Shepherd — The American President
Shepherd bears little resemblance to Michael Douglas' most famous character, Gordon Gekko. While the latter subscribes to the belief that greed is good, the former spits in the face of the greedy. His only downfall is the love of a woman, a minor slip-up if you could call it one at all. This is another good-guy president, and behind the always-crackling words of Aaron Sorkin, he proves he has the smarts to lead the nation.

Thomas Whitmore — Independence Day
I think this speaks for itself, no?


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