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Top Cow Comic Postal to Become New Hulu Series

"Hopefully This New Series Will Not Be Returned to Sender"
Top Cow comic book series Postal will be adapted for television by Hulu, according to a report by Deadline this week. The streaming service won the broadcasting rights after an intense bidding war. As reported by Deadline, the Postal television series is currently in development, and will be written and executive produced by Seth Hoffman (Walking Dead) along with co-creator Matt Hawkins (Think Tank) and Matt Tolmach (The Amazing Spider-Man, Prison Break, House) also co-executive producing. po001-press-01-1ee2b The comic book series Postal, created by Matt Hawkins and Bryan Hill,  takes places in the town of Eden which - despite its name - is overrun by fugitives and criminals. The residents of the town have come in hopes of starting new lives, but as the series unfolds, elements from their pasts continue to affect the town and all its inhabitants. 51usoqw90sl In addition to Postal, Hulu also recently purchased the rights for two additional series. The Seth Rogen comedy Future Man (which Tolmach is also executive producing) is about a gamer who is approached by mysterious figures to a time-traveling crime fighter, and the television adaptation of the Pulitizer-prize winning book The Looming Tower, which focuses on the international events that led up to the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, DC. In addition to those projects, Tolmach, Legendary Television, and Hulu are also working on the development of  a new fantasy television series based on the 1990s cult classic video game Myst. Fans of the puzzle-based adventure franchise may remember the story of the nameless Stranger being transported away to explore a fantasy island after he reaches the last page of a mysterious book. myst_by_zapperoni The Postal series will be produced by  Matt Tolmach Productions and Legendary Television in association with Top Cow Comics. No production or future broadcast dates have been announced at this time. Issue #15 of the Postal comic series will be released on September 28.


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