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Top Cow – Darkness #86 Preview

It's the month of previews here at Player Affinity Comics (PAC for short) and today we have yet another preview for our readers, this time from Top Cow comics. It's the conclusion of the Alkonost storyline in Darkness. We reviewed the first issue of the storyline so you can expect a review of the second chapter. Here's an link to the first chapter's review for a refresher on the issue.

The Darkness #86
(W) Phil Hester   (A) Sheldon Mitchell   (Cov) Rafael Albuquerque

Alkonost, Part 2 of 2!
In the hunt for The Sovereign Jackie and crew strike a deal with an insane Russian mobster and collector of the occult, but his supernatural enforcer wants to add a Darkness wielder to the collection. What is The Alkonost and how does it control even The Darkness itself?

Top Cow Pit artist Sheldon Mitchell (Pilot Season: Stealth) joins regular writer Phil Hester (Gen13, The Anchor) for a sinister two-part story. Featuring a cover by Rafael Albuquerque (American Vampire)!

Full Color        32 pages        $2.99      ongoing series
Darkness 86 Cover
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Page 2
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Page 5 Look for the review this week.


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