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Top Five DC Comics That Should Happen

Convergence is going to be a wild time for DC Comics readers, but what is really something to set everyone’s mind on fire is what will happen after that is over. With 16 open slots for books, that’s a lot of potential. Everyone has their own ideas on what should be given a chance, and these are my top five picks for what should be part of the post-Convergence wave.   1. Steve Trevor: Agent of ARGUS  

Forever Evil: ARGUS #1 Review: Call In The B-Team

  This is a potential series that I know has had a bit of a cult following already. Due to Geoff Johns' push of Steve Trevor at the start of the "New 52", and the recent Forever Evil miniseries, the character has had an upswell in terms of fanbase. Many see him as a much needed reinvention of a character that had been written off so many times before.   And now because of the Sterling Gates penned mini, they feel he now has enough of a background and status quo to finally hold his very own comic. It would definitely work well as a counterpoint to the current success of Grayson - spy adventures with an eye toward the female audience. Perhaps Sami Basri would be a good fit for this book should it ever come to pass? Sterling Gates is, again, simply a must.   2. Doom Patrol  

doom patrol

  The very first wave of the "New 52" was actually sort of shocking given how many risky titles it had been touting. Of course, that has since changed with every passing wave, but the new clean slate brings back the opportunity to knock something out of the gate. Doom Patrol would be a perfect fit, especially now that Johns has reintroduced them into the current continuity.   Many have noticed that after a long while DC has also seen for to publish a complete deluxe edition of China Mieville's  Dial H series. Mieville has from the start been a fan favorite pick for an eventual Doom Patrol book and now would really be the time to strike. As for artist? Dial H was a bit of a rotational as well, that would be fun to carry through.   3. Shazam!  

Shazam!: A New 52 Reflection

  Every round of cancellations and announcements brings forth renewed hope and familiar disappointment when time and again Geoff Johns' Shazam! has yet to be announced. It's been two or so years since Curse of Shazam! captured readers and since then they've been clamoring for more. Johns does have a busy schedule, that much is agreed upon.   Yet, after the success of Thunderworld Adventures and the hype surrounding the upcoming Convergence two-shot, now is the time to finally strike. Reader engagement is still riding high, but whatever Johns had planned may fizzle out if other incarnations keep popping out before his. He had a lot of interesting developments in his story and it would be a shame to lose all of that.   4.  The Brave and the Bold  

The Flash Annual #2 - Review: When Barry Met Hally

  What DC has been sorely missing for  the past couple of years is a good old fashioned team up book. A title like DCU Presents was a nice little substitute but even that one has been cancelled for a long time. A new Brave and The Bold would be a great companion to all of the relaunches, as it sets up characters beside other characters.   Besides, it would go a long way to helping the reboot in it's quest to feel like an actual universe again. Personally I would prefer Brian Buccellato to pen this series, or at least kick it off with an arc about the perennial Brave/Bold team - Green Lantern and the Flash. His annual during his run on The Flash was really nice work and he should have the chance to write more of the duo's adventures.   5. New Gods  

forever people thumb

  This goes without saying really. Dan Didio and Keith Giffen are really the only two who have given any damn about actually building up the Fourth World mythology in the "New 52" in a way that feels natural. They already have two titles under their belt, the astounding OMAC and the currently on the slate to be cancelled Infinity Man and the Forever People.   Both have a treasure trove of in jokes and actual reverence for the New Gods mythos. Sloppily written series like Worlds End or Godhead should not be getting more attention. I would hate to see all of the pair's hard work to be thrown out. The clean slate would be a great time to finally put them on the headliner Fourth World book, as it will have a bump due to Convergence. Third time's the charm, after all.  


Those are my top five, and while there are slim chances that any of them will come to pass, the beauty of the wait is that hope can still be alive. What interests me is what other people hope for in the coming months? If you have your own personal hope for the upcoming wave, then feel free to comment below. Let’s see if DC is willing to really shake things up this summer.  


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