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Top Five Movies DC Needs to Make

With The Avengers coming out this week, Marvel has gone full circle with all of their super-hero movies and raised the bar for super-hero movies from here on out. Although DC has released some decent live-action films in the past (Watchmen, V For Vendetta, and if we want to reach WAY back, Superman), the only real competition DC has in the film world for Marvel is Nolan’s Dark Knight.

But with The Avengers is coming out (and with the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Amazing Spider-Man), it appears DC is going to have to up its game to stay in the film race with Marvel. Man of Steel is a great start in DC's endeavor, and with names like Zach Snyder, David Goyer, and Chris Nolan working on it, it’s a step in the right direction. But is that enough? My question is simply this: What will DC have to make to compete with Marvel in Hollywood? Here’s a list of the top 5 films that I believe would put DC back on the map.

5.) Swamp Thing – With names like Alan Moore and Scott Snyder having written this masterpiece, as well as the unanimous critical love, it’s a surprise that DC hasn’t decided to make a film adaptation of Swamp Thing yet. Swamp Thing was once a great name in DC, and although it may not be the best-selling series that DC has, this comic is still amazing. If DC could make a film adaptation that is half as good as the series, then Swamp Thing would be better than half the movies DC has released as of late.

4.) Aquaman – Here is another comic that I’m surprised DC has not taken advantage of. Since the release of The New 52, Aquaman has consistently been one of the best-selling comics. Geoff Johns took the Aquaman stigma and turned it on its ear, making it easily one of the most enjoyable comics I had the pleasure of reading last year, and it’s about time that Arthur Curry received some spotlight on the big screen. With the right writer, Aquaman can be an exciting cinematic event.

3.) Wonder Woman – Wonder Woman is the leading lady in the comic book scene, bar none. She is smoking all of her competition in sales, and not only that – her story is compelling. DC needs to take advantage of the fact that there is no decent comic book movie based soleley around a female protagonist (yet) and reboot a Wonder Woman movie as soon as possible. If they play their cards right, only good things will come from this investment.

2.) The Flash – Wally West or Barry Allen – Take your pick. The amount of love that the comic book realm has for both of these characters is ridiculous, and The Flash’s fan popularity can rival that of both Spiderman and even Superman. Although the concept of “some guy who’s really fast” may not appeal to some, The Flash is a name that sells, and many would line up to see it. If the movie were to stay loyal to the comics, this would be another great film to add onto the DC shelf.

1.) Justice League – With the previous three candidates shown, it only makes sense that this movie would come out of it. Aside from this month, Justice League has been the top dog in the comic book realm since the release of the New 52. Not only are each of its characters strong and carry compelling stories on their own, they are also a hell of a lot of fun to watch in action together. As mentioned earlier, The Avengers has raised the bar for superhero movies, and I believe the only way for DC to combat it is by releasing a movie starring none other than DC's own All-Star Lineup. While this movie has been talked about already, it hasn't been much more than rumor. DC needs to make this happen if they intend to keep up with the wave that Marvel has created with The Avengers.

Well, there you have it. Although there are many other heroes that easily could have been placed on this list, these are the top 5 characters I see putting DC back on the movie map. But this is all just one humble writer’s opinion. What do you all think? 


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