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Top Five Reasons We’ll Be Missing Michael Scott

He made us laugh, he made us cry, and now that Michael Scott has said farewell it's time to honor him with the top five reasons why we'll never forget our favorite Regional Manager and all the years he spent entertaining us. Here's to you, Mike.

5. Michael Scott Paper Company

It's 4:30 in the morning. Do you know where your kids are? If you are Ryan's parents or Pam's parents or my parents, you do. They're gonna be in this van, with me. Who am I? Nothing to fear. I am just a 44-year-old guy with a paper route.

No one could have guessed that Michael would ever willingly leave Dunder Mifflin, but when he quit because of David Wallace's lack of respect, he revitalized a season that had been a step down from its predecessors. Unfortunately, the competing business he started could only be called a success in terms of the laughter and memories it yielded. Michael did redeem himself however by taking on Wallace and Charles Minor in a buyout meeting that became one of his best moments of the series. Calling Wallace's bluff was a rare spot of competence for Michael, one that was written perfectly for the character and performed flawlessly by Carell. Fans couldn't help but feel proud of the wacky and lovable boss earning his job back.

4. Michael and Holly

I learned that she broke her left leg twice in one year. I learned that she's allergic to sesame seeds. And I have learned that her butt refuses to quit!”

Though she never got many laughs out of anyone but Michael, there was no denying Holly was the perfect woman for him. The antithesis of Jan, Holly returned Michael's affection immediately and it was clear from their first moments that they were made for each other. Michael's bumbling attempts at flirtation were finally working and his juvenile wit had found the comedic partner it had always been looking for. Even though Michael found happiness with Holly, it's hard not to blame her, if only a little, for taking Michael to Colorado and depriving us of his humor in the office.

3. Michael and Jan

Cons. Wears too much makeup. Breasts: not anything to write home about. Insecure about body. I'm unhappy when I'm with her. Flat-chested.”

What started with awkward flirtations on Michael's part and icy rejections on Jan's, developed into a relationship that engendered as many gasps as it did laughs. Though their love was never meant to be, they certainly gave us plenty of moments to make us miss our beloved boss, and the hell he went through with Jan Levinson. Whether Michael was emailing a topless photo of her or Jan was using his diary in a deposition, their relationship was always a train wreck. The highlight of their relationship came in the fourth season episode "Dinner Party" when several of the office staff were subjected to their dysfunction for hours as both Michael and Jan slowly pushed each other to their breaking point, while making their guests extremely uncomfortable and their audience roar with laughter.

 2. The Dundies

Was this year's Dundies a success? Well, let's see, I made Pam laugh so hard, that she fell out of her chair, and she almost broke her neck. So I killed, almost.”

A fan favorite for years after it aired, "The Dundies" is considered by many to be when the U.S. Office found its own voice and when the name Michael Scott became synonymous with hilariously embarrassing moments. Michael's racially insensitive characters and song parodies provided some of the best cringe humor the series has ever done, as well as a touching moment when the staff members defend him from hecklers. The excellence of the first episode about the Dundies had fans clamoring for a second every season after it, but it wasn't until the end of Carell's run that we would get our wish. Michael once again pulled out the costumes and the businessman trophies, this time sharing the stage with Will Ferrell. Though it didn't compare to the first, it did add to the already long list of fond memories Michael had built up.

1. Michael's Final Episode

I can't do this! All the channels are gonna be different there, I'm not gonna be able to find my shows. I'm not going to start improv at level one, and I don't think my credits will transfer. Ugh, and you know what? I just figured out where I was supposed to go to vote.

"Goodbye, Michael" was not only the best episode thus far in the season, it was also amongst the best of the series. It was hard not to believe that Michael's tearful farewells were as difficult for Carell and the other actors as they were for their characters. Almost all of his goodbyes felt unique and genuine, and if he couldn't say anything nice to Toby, at least he didn't say anything mean. After spending seven years with Michael Scott, his departure was an extremely emotional one and both the cast and crew came together to send him out in style with an incredible episode. There's no way we'll forget Michael and all the laughs he gave us over the years, but it was nice to know his final moments were befitting one of television's greatest characters.


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