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Top of the Lake Gets Second Season

tumblr_mlem4hpyxg1qcap7go1_1280 A second season of Top of the Lake is coming and we couldn’t be more excited. Jane Campion’s mesmerizing seven-episode miniseries, which aired on the Sundance Channel in the US, told the story of Robin Griffin (Elisabeth Moss) as she investigated the disappearance of a 12 year old girl in a small and troubled New Zealand town. The crime drama, with its deliberate pacing, eerie mood, thematic richness, gorgeous setting, and amazing cast was one of the most compelling television series of 2013, drawing in great critical acclaim and award recognition (multiple Emmy, BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations, among others, as well as a Golden Globe win for Elisabeth Moss). Though Campion and her partner, Gerard Lee, are confirmed to be developing the second season, there are no plot details available as of yet. The first season introduced a rich and complex world telling a captivating story and leaving some questions unanswered so this new season could presumably serve as a continuation to that specific story. That said, we wouldn’t be surprised if the creators decide to follow the recent and very popular trend in television of telling self-contained stories every season. While we would love to see the likes of Elisabeth Moss, Peter Mullen, and Thomas Wright reprise their roles for another season; we’ll pretty much watch anything Campion and Lee come up with.


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