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Top of the Month – July

We could have gone with any of our other comic con photos which are all awesome (Thursday, Friday 1, Friday 2, Saturday 1, Saturday 2) but just for Neil, we went with War Machine! Why? Because Neil loves War Machine! Same deal as last month, but this time we've added some categories, but with no further delay here's our staff picks for the month of July.

Top Single Issue - Superman #701
Kevin - A truly great book.
Neil - If you don't like this book you're definitely a robot.
Dustin - Wow... if you don't like this issue then stop reading comics!

Top On-Going Title
Dustin - American Vampire - It occurred to me that I eagerly await this book each month so I'm giving it AV.
Kevin - Titans -  Remember last month? Still rocks!
Neil - Flash - Barry Allen is being arrested by cops from the future. This book is getting good!

Top Character
Neil - Superman/Daredevil - A whole new side of Superman was shown and I love it. Honorable mention to Daredevil in Shadowland because he's a bad ass!
Dustin - Rip Hunter - This dude told Superman to shut up and then went to school on Hal Jordon... respect!
Kevin - Steve Rogers - Super Soldier showed why he's awesome.

Top Miniseries
Kevin - Batman Odyssey - Batman before he reached his peak, very interesting.
Neil - Mouse Guard: Legend of the Guard - Best mini eva!
Dustin - Codebreakers - A great series from beginning to end.

Top Indie Title
Dustin - Scott Pilgrim Vol. 6 - It's better than the fifth book, but I'm not sure it lived up to what it started. Still really good though.
Kevin - Mystery Society #2 - Not as awe inspiring as the first issue but still one of the best stories out there.
Neil - Mouse Guard - Legend of the Guard #2 - Best stuff out there. 

Top Writer
Neil - JMS - Everything this guy is doing at DC just rocks right now.
Dustin - JMS - Yup, Superman is that awesome.
Kevin - JMS - Supes--701 is the proof.

Bottom Writer
Dustin - Jeph Loeb - Issues 23 and 24 of Hulk were total bullshit!
Neil - Brian Micheal Bendis - I'm so confused by all of his Avengers. There is no cohesion with his stuff right now. 

Bottom Miniseries
Neil - Transformers: Ironhide - I had high hopes for this series, but it's nothing but a mess.
Dustin - Return of Bruce Wayne - After reading issue four I kinda don't care about what happens to Bruce... but I wouldn't mind if he blows up the planet.

Bottom Single Issue
Dustin - Thor: The Mighty Avenger #1 - I understand what's going on within the book... I don't understand how it fits in with the rest of Marvel.
Neil - Avengers Academy #2 - Boring!

Bottom On Going
Neil - Avengers Academy - It's losing it's steam after only one issue.
Dustin - Batman #701 - It's pretty sad that the writer had to do two fill in issues to make his own story make since. Then uses the excuse of "It's a comic book" when people don't like it.

Bottom Character
Kevin - Lex Luthor - Please save this character from his fast track to mediocrity.
Neil - Quicksilver - He just doesn't belong in Avengers Academy.

What that's it for another month. Be sure to leave us your picks if you want to be mentioned next month. 


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