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Top of the Month – May

Welcome to Top of the Month.. A feature article in which the writers of PAC (that's Player Affinity Comics) chooses their top and bottom picks for the month. These are books that shipped in the month of May. 

Top Single Issue
https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/Titans Cover.jpgDustin - Titans: Villains for Hire Special - This issue returned Deathstroke to his former glory.
Kevin - Titans: Villains for Hire Special - It made me care about a character that I never knew existed.
Neil - Flash #2 - Barry Allen might be a criminal!?! Dang that was cool.

Top On-going Title
Neil - Flash - Return of Barry Allen, need I say more?
Dustin - Flash - Geoff Johns fixes yet another abandoned corner of the DCU.
Kevin - Green Lantern - Even after Blackest Night, Hal and company remain entertaining.

Top Character
Kevin - Deathstroke - Because he kicks all kinds of ass!
Neil - Flash (Barry Allen) - Because Barry is the best Flash EVA!!!
Dustin - Deathstroke - Because it's business, nothing personal.

Top use of a Cliffy-Loeb (Doesn't mean that it's a good thing)
Dustin - Ultimate Avengers 2 #2 - Ghost Rider, freaking Ghost Rider on the last page!
Kevin - Ultimate Avengers 2 #1 - First Hulk/Doc Samson, Millar couldn't entice me to read anymore of this train wreck.

Bottom Miniserieshttps://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/War of the Supermen.jpg
Kevin - War of the Supermen - A lack luster ending to a story that took too long to tell.
Dustin - War of the Supermen - Bad art, bad writing, and let's not forget the Red Sun!

Bottom Single Issue
Dustin - Cold Space #2 - I didn't learn my lesson from the first issue.
Kevin - iZombie #1 - A lame indie spin on the novelty that zombies have become.
Neil - Titans: Villains for Hire Special - Killing a superhero is not something I'm big on.

Bottom Character
Neil - Deadpool - Dude is everywhere and I'm getting tired of it.
Dustin - Mulberry - Looking at him firing a gun then playing cards show up with holes in them sealed the deal!
Kevin - Bruce Wayne - I'm not sure who this guy is in the Return of Bruce Wayne, but it ain't my Bruce!

There you have, these are PAC's picks of the month. You can follow the PAC team on Twitter and leave a comment with your choices for Top and Bottom of the month.


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