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Top Ten Best Covers of 2010

This is a list of the best covers of 2010, limited to one issue per series so that books like Batgirl or Fables couldn't hog up the entire list. You'll find a mixture of Marvel, DC, Vertigo and Top Cow with books that included: New Mutants, Gotham City Sirens, Fables, Batgirl, Batman and Robin, Artifacts, Sweet Tooth, Batman: Streets of Gotham and we'll leave you a few for a surprise. Think we missed some? Tell us your list in the comments below.
10. Azrael #4: Great character design, lighting and shadows, but definitely a step down from the other nine covers. Azrael # 4 Cover 9. New Mutants #13: Someone’s finally found a way to break up the X-Men, and it looks beautiful! New Mutants 13 Cover 8. Madame Xanadu #17: Usually sporting great covers, Guy Major and Richard Friend draw Madame Xanadu’s first cover of 2010 with wonderful results as the mournful woman quickly transforms like a butterfly into a gaping insect-filled being. madame Xanadu 17 Cover 7. Batman: Streets of Gotham #16: This imagery immediately reminds me of a noir mystery that I’m dying to read. Streets of Gotham 16 Cover 6. Sweet Tooth #12: I was tempted to really paint this cover by numbers which I’ve officially dubbed “Hybrid Paint By Numbers.”  A seemingly simple idea taken to the extreme by Jeff Lemire… or maybe his colorist just got lazy and didn’t want to color in the rest! Sweet Tooth 12 Cover 5. Gotham City Sirens #10: Pretty much all the covers of Sirens issues are beautiful, but this one done by Guillem March was full of beauty and creativity.  Not only are the ladies drawn lovely as usual but the crossword puzzle is a creative spin that nicely encompasses the Riddler and his love of puzzles. 4. Artifacts #1: I have a poster of this hanging on my wall: so many characters and colors running rampant on the cover, seeming to demonstrate the variety of cover artists that worked on it. Artifacts 1 Cover 3. Fables #91: The old man seems melded with the tree, a ghost among its branches in a dreary gray scale that creates a mood all on its own, thanks to cover artist Joao Ruas. Fables 91 2. Batgirl #12: Rain and blood make for a dazzlingly realistic cover out of this issue of Batgirl.  Stanley “Artgerm” Lau’s cover has the perfect reflection of light and rain shimmering off Batgirl’s costume. Batgirl 12 1. Batman and Robin #15 Variant: What better cover to do for number one than one done by my pick for the number one artist of 2010 Frazer Irving.  I always knew Joker had a big brain behind that maniacal smile! Batman and Robin 15 The year 2010 had a lot of great covers, usually with series full of awesome and creative covers week after week like Sweet Tooth and Gotham City Sirens, but there are always a hand full of bad covers...


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