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Top Ten Best Covers of 2011

Continuing last year's tradition of the Best Covers of 2010, this year I will be picking the Top 10 Best Covers of 2011. Again, this list is limited by one issue per series and is for comics that came out in 2011, including comics labeled 2012 that came out on comic book stands up to December 31st. It doesn't matter how good an issue is on this list on the inside, the outside is all that counts on this list. 10. Witchblade #150: A beautiful cover for the "End of an Era" issue of Witchblade, perfectly playing homage to the very first issue of Witchblade and truly "Ending an Era." Top Cow: Witchblade #150 "End of an Era" 9. Lady Mechanika #2: While all of Mechanika's covers are similar, the color scheme of this cover is the best because of the beautiful contrast between the grey clothing and background with Lady Mechanika's golden eyes. The robotisized circle and unique character design make this cover stand out on the shelf. Aspen: Lady Mechanika #2 (2011) 8. Savage Dragon #177: The grungy, ripped up feel of this cover gives me a strange nostalgic feel, and I love the little details like the little box in the corner spoofing the "Comic Code Authority," making it into the "Comic Code of Image Comics."  And what hero can boast that one of his covers featured him fighting someone as prolific as Osama Bin Laden (other than the historical issue of Captain America featuring his Hitler punch out)? Image Comics: The Savage Dragon #177 7. Batman and Robin #26: A creative rendition of Paris that may lead to Batman losing an eye... it really is unique how the aspect of gravity is manipulated to add many of Paris's most stunning scenery all onto one cover. DC Comics: Batman and Robin #26 (2011) Paris imagery 6. The Incredible Hulk #3: Sunny Gho's colors make this cover great, with subtle touches like a splatter of blood on Hulk's hand and Bruce Banner's broken glasses off in the corner. This made the cover feel like a great depiction of a quiet, but earth shattering moment. Marvel Comics: The Incredible Hulk #3 colors by Sunny Gho. 5. The Darkness #93: The drawings are not what drew me to this cover, but the beautiful violet mist surrounding our dark figure and the ominous feel it gives her. Top Cow: The Darkness #93 (2011) 4. American Vampire #19: American Vampire has many beautiful covers. This one not only has a menacing vampire that looks like he has swallowed the cosmos, but also great inner imagery (literally). Vertigo Comics: American Vampire #19 3. Batwoman #2: We not only get to enjoy the beauty of Batwoman's outsides on this cover, but the horrific insides as well... The artwork is a gorgeous rendition of Batwoman, and the colors only add to the effect. DC Comics: Batwoman #2 (2011) 2. House of Mystery #39: House of Mystery had many great, horrifying cover candidates, and House of Mystery #41 almost won my gore-hound-heart with it's bloody cover, but I could not resist this cover. It manages to be creepy with no blood, just a blonde's demented face, a glorious (and ominous) backdrop and some great work from the colorist to give the cove a classic horror feel that is rarely captured in comics today. Vertigo Comics: House of Mystery #39 (2011) 1. iZombie #14: I love the creativity of this cover. Where was this in the arcade? I know I would've played it! And the cartoonish quality of the art style makes the cover all the more fun and less grotesque than you would expect a cover with a decapitated head to contain. Even the Green Lantern advertisement, which has ruined many a comic cover (and a movie-goers hopes), blends in with the cover and does not take away how great it is. Vertigo Comics: iZombie #14 (2011) After a slew of creative, artistic masterpiece covers, I had to sit through the bad ones.  Which you can suffer through too... soon. 


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