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Top Ten Greatest (Neglected) Comic Book Couples

As a special belated Valentine’s Day treat, read about the top ten best couples in comics, but the ones that are more obscure and far less apparent than the ever so popular Superman and Lois Lane or Batman and Catwoman.  Enjoy these lesser known couples whose love could stand the test of time! 10. Klarion and Batgirl: This isn’t really too much of a relationship since these two have only been in one issue together (Batgirl #18).  They may not appear together again, but I think they made the cutest couple in this issue – even if they don’t think so! Klarion and Batgirl together in Batgirl #18 9. The Thing and Alicia Masters: Why is it almost everyone's pick I've seen has been Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman? Ben Grimm, better known as The Thing, is like Frankenstein but with a heart of gold – he just has a "rough" exterior. He's been shunned by most people since his transformation, but Alicia has continually accepted him despite his appearance and it's not just because she's blind. She has felt Ben and understands what he looks like and she still doesn't care. Her father is even the Fantastic Four's enemy Puppet Master, but unlike other people with villainous parents she refuses to stray to the dark side to join her father. Alicia and Ben have a true romance akin to Beauty and the Beast. The Thing and Alicia Masters8. Tana Moon and Superboy: Another attempt to divert from the incredibly popular couple of Superman and Lois Lane. Tana Moon and Superboy have a very similar relationship – Tana is a reporter constantly following Superboy with a stubborn nature similar to Lois. Why do they deserve to be on this list more than Lois Lane and Superman? Being less popular, Tana Moon was killed off leaving Superboy devastated. Superboy's relationship with Wonder Girl has also been memorable, but I'll always remember his first serious relationship with Tana.Superboy kissing Tana Moon7. Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally Acorn: The only animal couple to make this list are the speedster Sonic the Hedgehog and Princess Sally. Both have been suspected dead and have happily reunited in some of the most heartwarming scenes. Sonic and Princess Sally kiss

6. Marrina and Sub-Mariner: Another tragic couple, Marrina left with Sub-Mariner to his ocean kingdom to try and find a home and found a husband, too. However, her alien heritage resulted in a monstrous transformation and she became unable to control herself. Sub-Mariner was forced to kill her with Black Knight's ebony blade. A sad fate for a saint-like character by her own husband having to suffer more than anyone on this list with the knowledge that he slew her. The Sub-Mariner carrying Marrina5. Vindicator and Guardian: Husband and wife, James Hudson (Guardian) and Heather Hudson (Vindicator) have both died in comics and have recently returned in the Chaos War with the rest of their team, Alpha Flight. Heather had to witness her husband's death and taking on his role as a superhero so his name could go on before dying herself. Their dedication to each other is one of the strongest in all of comics and their deaths were both heartbreaking and earth-shattering for them and comic readers. Guardian James Hudson and Vindicator Heather Hudson kissing4. Swamp Thing and Abby Holland: One of the strongest relationships ever in comics, Abby Holland did not care that her husband Alec was the plant creature known as Swamp Thing, ostracized by the rest of the world like the Thing. But Alec and Abby had a child together and continued to support each other even when their child died and was later resurrected as a ghost. The relationship between Swamp Thing and Abby is one of the best things about the Swamp Thing series, which I consider to be one of the best series of all time. Abby Holland and husband Alec Holland the Swamp Thing3. Mr. Miracle and Big Barda: Barda and Mr. Miracle are a more humorous couple. Originally the leader of the Female Furies, Barda was a villain under the control of Granny Goodness. Scott Free, the amazing escape artist Mr. Miracle, managed to save her from a life of evil and turn her good. She now fights on the side of good, with a still humorous temper that her husband Scott can calm... sometimes. Big Barda and Scott Free Mr. Miracle2. Mr. Freeze and Nora: There are so many villains that have begun a life of crime for the fame and recognition they could never get. But Victor Fries had a different reason in mind when he became one of the most well-known foes of Batman: to save his wife. His wife was very ill and Victor froze her – one of the few relationships where we only get to see one member from the romance. But Victor fights so hard for his wife that you know they had something truly special. Victor Fries Mr. Freeze and wife Nora ice sculptures1. Punch and Jewelee: No, this is not Harley Quinn and the Joker in disguise. Punch and Jewelee are another devious clown couple that have interacted with the other crazy clown couple. Unlike their relationship, Punch and Jewelee are married. They had a son together, but Jewelee had to raise him alone when Punch was shot and killed by soldiers while saving Jewelee's life. Joker's tried to kill Harley before, but Punch sacrificed himself for Jewelee until he was resurrected in Blackest Night. Hopefully this cute couple can go back to being one of the best.

Jewelee, Punch and son at homeHappy Valentine's Day everyone!


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