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Top Ten Most/Least Wanted Skyrim Mods

A new game from Bethesda just hit stores!  That can only mean one thing – at this very moment a vast community of modders is hard at work finding ways to hack, patch, improve, overhaul and totally convert it.  Before the modders get to work, let’s take a look at the kinds of mods we want as fast as possible, and some of the things we could really do without.  Here's our list the five most wanted and five least wanted Skyrim Mods.

The Five Least Wanted Mods:

Adult Mods: When The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind appeared, many gamers were tantalized by those sexy female Argonians.  As a race of humanoid reptiles, they obviously didn’t have mammary glands, and fans spent years wondering just what forbidden delights were concealed beneath the clothes that they wore.  Unfortunately  modders spoiled the mystery by creating nude mods for the game and ruined the mystique of these amphibious vixens.  The lesson learned is: Even if you have a Lizard Girl fetish, mods that fill Skyrim with naked, busty sex kittens will be a poor use of any modder’s time and skills.

Kill Everything Spell/Weapon:  Bethesda’s free-roaming RPG’s are never too hard, and Skyrim is going to let players power up beyond level 50 if they put in the effort.  Even on the maximum difficulty the player will eventually become an unstoppable killing machine, and dedicated players will find all sorts of mighty items by exploring this new world. But some modders delight in creating uber-powerful items and abilities that remove any trace of challenge from the game.  There’s no need for a Gigantic Lightning Hammer that kills anything with one hit, or a new spell that shoots Fireballs like a machine gun, so modders, please focus your talents on putting more balance into the game.


Way Too Hard Mod:  The polar opposite of the Kill Everything mod is a one that cranks up the difficulty up to ridiculous levels.  After playing a game for 100 hours, experienced players crave new obstacles to surmount, but many “Realism” mods take things too far.  Instead of offerings new challenges, they offer frustration and demand that players resort to min/maxing in order to survive.  Again, preserving balance is the key.

"Wish I Was Playing Another Game" Mod:  Iconic items from other games always seem to pop up in mods.  Sure, the Blood Dragon armor from Dragon Age is neat, but we don’t need to see it, or the Warhammer Space Marine armor running around Tamriel.

My First Mod:  You made a mod for Skyrim?  That’s awesome!  Other Skyrim fans are really looking forward to seeing the kind of mods you make… later on.  Unfortunately your first mod is probably not very good.  If you’re just learning to make mods, and you created a tiny room with one rat, and a dagger in it, just keep it to yourself.  You can still be proud of your little adventure (After all, that’s more than most gamers will ever do) but get to work on something that puts your new skills to even better use.  The Skyrim Mod community will still be here when your finish your next mod.

The Five Most Wanted Skyrim Mods:

Skyrim Mod Manager:  As more and more players make stuff for Skyrim, we’ll eventually need a mod just to keep the other mods from getting in each other's way.  It can be grueling work to install and uninstall a bunch of mods trying to get the combination just right, or to find an incompatibility.  Morrowind, Oblivion, and Fallout all have Mod Managers that allow players to activate and deactivate mods with a single click.  We want someone building one for Skyrim ASAP.

Skyrime Overhaul:  Who has time to scour the Skyrim fansites to try all of the mods and see how they work together?  Most players don’t, but Bethesda has some hardcore fans who’ll not only do the dirty work for you, but will also compile the best mods together into one giant overhaul kit.  It won’t be long before Skyrim has dozens of must-have tweaks and we want a team of benevolent geeks out there putting them all together into a single download.

Vampwolves & Wolfpires:  Whether it’s a Vampire who has been bitten by a Werewolf, or Werewolf who’s been bitten by a Vampire, the idea is just too cool to not have in the game.  Since both Lycanthropy and Vampirism are there, we need a mod to ensure that anyone can experience the thrill of sucking blood by moonlight as a hairy, undead, batdog monster.  The developers might have already included a way to do this in the game, but some of us don’t want to unravel a series of convoluted quests and crafting to experience life a Vampwolf.  We need a simple mod that gives us a quick, easy quest that activates the powers of a Wolfpire right at the start of the game.

Quests & Adventures.  With all of the gameplay tweaks, and extra skins, sometimes it’s a little hard to find a modder who just has a story to tell. The designers at Bethesda have packed their world with many interesting people and places, but that doesn’t mean that more modders can’t contribute with their own story-based adventures and quests.  Got something on your mind? Tell us through an interactive Skyrim adventure.

Your mod:  Above where we said that we don’t want to see your first mod, that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to see your work once you get the hang of it. It might seem like a daunting task only for Computer Science majors, but Bethesda has been very kind to modders in the past with great tools and tutorials that fans can learn to use with a little practice.  Once you’ve mastered the basics, think about that great feature you always wanted someone to make, then make it yourself.

Did you make a mod for one of Bethesda’s games?  Post a link to it below.


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