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Torchlight 2 Beta Before Christmas?

In a recent radio interview, Torchlight 2 developer Runic Games released some new information on their upcoming ARPG.  Perhaps the biggest news for eager fans is actual talk of a beta test. Details are sketchy, but it appears Runic wants to test their new matchmaking technology that will be used in Torchlight 2’s multiplayer mode. If they do run a beta test, it will most likely be a closed one (at least at first). That means to keep an eye out for potential signups. Should a beta test be in the works, Runic stated that it will likely happen “soon.” This is a relative term, but one might think we could be in for a beta test before Christmas.


Other details in the interview include talks of DLC. If they do DLC, it will be “substantial.” That means no simple character re-skins, but actual new content like areas and quests. Apparently Microsoft is also quite eager for the game to appear on the Xbox 360. The original Torchlight appeared as an XBLA game, so this is not surprising.

Mention was also made about giving players the ability to create their own online Torchlight 2 servers, which they could then secure and mod as they wish.


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