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Total War: Atilla announced

"The Creative Assembly has revealed the newest instalment in it's long running RTS series"
RTS stalwarts the Creative Assembly have announced the newest installment in their hugely popular Total War series, Total War: Attila. It will, of course, focus on the big Hun man as he readies himself and his armies to take on the remnants of the crumbling Roman empire. You'll be able to take part in this great historic battle from either the perspective of Attila and his soldiers or from the perspective of whats left of the Romans.
This isn't the first time the Total War series has covered the dying breaths of the Roman empire. Barbarian Invasion, an expansion for the original Rome: Total War, also featured a similar setup. This though is a full-on new standalone product and not an expansion for Total War: Rome II, if you were wondering.
No specific details on release dates and the like yet, but it's safe to assume it'll launch on PC sometime next year. Here's a really pretty useless CG trailer for the game featuring an appropriately angry looking Attila.


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