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Trailer Tracker: Easy A, Charlie St. Cloud, Secretariat

Welcome to “Trailer Tracker” where we at Player Affinity unfoundedly dissect the latest trailers to hit the web. In another uneventful week for clips we’ll take a gander at rising star Emma Stone’s first lead project with Easy A, weep just a bit with the heart-tugger Charlie St. Cloud starring Zac Efron, gallop on with the famous horse Secretariat  and finish off with the Grindhouse-esque, ultra low budget and aptly named revenge flick Vengeance with Danny Trejo.

Easy A

It has been quite some time since a high school film has struck the properly honest and funny chord that Mean Girls did over six year ago, but Easy A starring Emma Stone and Amanda Bynes looks to lie in a very similar vein. Both of these actresses are immensely appealing and complemented by the likes of Stanley Tucci fresh off his Oscar nomination, the pros continue to stack up in the films favor. Easy A centers around Olive (Stone) the epitome of an average high-schooler who pretends to lose her virginity with dozens of guys from her school because a bad reputation is better than no reputation. The film hits theaters on September 17.

Charlie St. Cloud

Look out Nicolas Sparks, there’s a new sob-throb in town and his name is Zac Efron, and he stars as the titular character Charlie St. Cloud, who after the tragic death of his young brother must choose between moving on with the girl he falls in love with, or keeping a promise to his brother to never leave. If overly sentimental manipulation is your thing then mark your calendar. This is Efron’s dramatic breakout role and he is a charismatic presence, but can he float on top of a sea of tears?


Think there is room for two horse racing movies to make it big in Hollywood after Seabiscuit made $150 million worldwide in 2003? I’ll let you be the judge as Secretariat tells the familiar but inspirational tale of the underdog (or I suppose in this case under-horse) making it despite all odds in full period-piece, rousing score fashion. The cast inspires confidence boasting Diane Lane, John Malkovich and James Cromwell in lead roles (but no Peter Parker this time around…).



Some movies you just can’t put your finger on. Such is the case with Vengeance, the trailer for which shows a film that is either just dirt-budgeted, a parody, a comedy or maybe all of the above. Whatever the case, don’t expect to see this coming to a theatre near you. Vengeance looks like it would be more at home as a fake trailer in front of Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming film Machete.


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