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Trailer Tracker: Hobo with a Shotgun and The Horde

As kids head back to school and adults back to the rat-race that is work, Trailer Tracker here at Player Affinity remains a shining beacon of hope as summer comes to close. Alas, it seems that the coming of fall has managed to drain even some life from the movies, as only three new clips have hit the web this past week. With Grindhouse-born Machete having just been released over Labor Day weekend, we get a first look at the next trailer-turned-feature, the bluntly titled Hobo with a Shotgun. Next is the bloody French zombie flick The Horde and finally acclaimed director Julian Schnabel returns with his latest project Miran starring Frieda Pinto. Put that back-to-school shopping on hold and let’s have a bit of fun.



Hobo with a Shotgun

If you thought Robert Rodriguez’s Machete was a gore filled exploitation treat, lay your soon-to-be-bleeding eyes on the red-band trailer for Hobo with a Shotgun, the feature length adaptation of the trailer of the same name from the Rodriquez/Tarantino double feature, Grindhouse. “Hobo” was initially conceived by way of an international contest for fans to create their own fake trailer for the 2007 throwback, and like Machete, was so well-received it spawned a full-length feature. Canadian Jason Eisener expands upon his own homemade clip, casting Rutger Hauer (best known for films like Blade Runner, Sin City and Batman Begins) as the titular pissed-off vagrant who wants to clean up the streets hobo style. “Hobo” seems to promise deliriously over-the-top carnage and a tongue-in-cheek poke at the popular revenge genre. Look for hobo and company hitchhiking it to theatres spring 2011.

The Horde

Call me a sucker for zombie movies (frankly because I am) but I simply can’t resist the walking dead and any deviation from the formula seems like a revelation. The Horde seems to borrow a similar premise from John Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13 remake, whereby cops and criminals team up to fight a common foe, this time people with a bad case of the rots. If there is a direct compliment to my love for zombie flicks, it would be my hate for the dubbing of foreign language films, so unlike what is promised in the trailer, I for one will be seeking out this film with subtitles. Obviously, those with distaste for horror movies or of this sub-genre in particular will find little to be excited about but for those looking for their next fix after Zombieland look for The Horde in limited release this fall.


The Diving Bell and the Butterfly became a surprise critical and audience hit in 2007, garnering four Academy Award nominations including best director for Julian Schnabel (for which he won the golden Globe) and best adapted screenplay. Now, joined by rising star Freida Pinto of another Academy darling (Slumdog Millionaire), Schnabel brings us Miral, the tale of a young orphaned girl (Pinto) who becomes involved in the first Arab-Israeli war. Willem Dafoe and Vanessa Redgrave also star in this period war drama based on the novel of the same name by Israeli native Rula Jebreal. Set for a December 3 release date, Miral is clearly poised for awards consideration and looking at this film’s associated talent I certainly wouldn’t count it out of the running.





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