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Trailer Tracker: London Boulevard, Sanctum and more

Our featured clip this week is London Boulevard, a gangster thriller from across the pond starring Colin Farrell and Keira Knightley. Will this be the next Departed or just another rehashing of a mobster seeking retribution for his past ways? Well what are you waiting for, read on; it’s Trailer Tracker. Be sure also to check out Trailer Tracker’s new segment after the jump: Clip Trip, where we delve back into Hollywood's archive and pull out a classic clip for your viewing pleasure. 


New Trailers this week:

  • London Boulevard
  • Blitz
  • Sanctum
  • Ong Bak 3
  • Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale


London Boulevard

londonboulevardpicBritish gangster films have always been a favourite of mine ranging as far back as Michael Caine’s Get Carter to more recent entries in the genre such as Gangster No. 1, Layer Cake and a number of Guy Ritchie’s efforts. Farrell seemed like he was headed for higher-profile work with films like S.W.A.T and Phone Booth, but he has mostly reverted back to independent films. Yet it should be noted the last time the Irish actor dabbled in the gangster genre he snagged a Golden Globe for his leading role in the dark comedy In Bruges, which perhaps not coincidently is one of the most beloved films of the last decade.

London Boulevard surrounds Farrell with a stellar cast including Keira Knightley, Stephen Graham, David Thewlis, Eddie Marsan and Ray Winstone from wrier/director William Monahan penned some high-profile screenplays including those for Kingdom of Heaven, Body of Lies and perhaps most notably The Departed, for which he took home the Oscar.

London Boulevard finds Farrell’s mobster Mitchell wishing to leave his life of crime behind and finding work with a reclusive movie star (Knightly) while his past begins to catch up in the shape of his former boss (played by Winstone). Not exactly the most original premise, but if any cast can sell the material it is this one. Ironically, the story is adapted from a novel by Ken Bruen who also wrote the book for our next trailer, Blitz. So without further adieu, let’s move on.


Jason Statham also heads back to past “acclaim” territory (after he reverted to his more low-key foreign roots with heist film The Bank Job in 2008) with Blitz, a police drama about a cop dispatched to catch a brutal serial killer who is targeting men in uniform. Statham does well in gritty action films since getting his start alongside Guy Ritchie and it will be good to see him ditch his “Transporter” character for as long as possible. This will be the first film produced by Lionsgate UK and is set for an early 2011 release. 


If you can get a “James Cameron Presents” in front of your film's title that might as well just weep in gratitude, because everything that Oscar winner touches seems to turn to gold. Sanctum was one of such lucky recipients of Cameron’s support, a thriller in the vein of The Descent following a group a cave divers who become trapped in terrible circumstances. Shot in 3D, Sanctum is based on the true story of co-writer Andrew Wight who while deep-sea diving became trapped with 14 other people in a cave for two days. Look for Sanctum on Feb. 4. 

Ong Bak 3

2003’s Ong Bak gave North America its first taste of the incredible Tony Jaa. A native of Surin, Thailand, his style of Muay Thai (among a number of other fighting styles) wowed audiences with his breathtaking stunt work with “no strings attached.” Ong-Bak 2 also featured some stunning action sequences but was decimated by an utterly incoherent and bombastic plot. Whether this third instalment plays out like the former or latter remains to be seen, but Jaa is always a delight to watch on screen.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

He knows when you’ve been sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows when you’ve been bad or good, so lock your door. Deep in the bowels of the Earth, the fiendish creature known as “Santa Claus” is unleashed and soon children begin disappearing. Yes this is a real movie, and no I’m not going to say any more. If you’re not sold already…


Clip Trip: In Bruges

Welcome to the newest segment on Trailer Tracker: Clip Trip (down memory lane that is). With the release of London Boulevard starring gangster-on-the-lam Colin Farrell, we take a look at the pitch-black comedy/actioner In Bruges. If you haven’t sought out this beguiling gem, then you are missing out. Brendan Gleeson and Farrell star as two hitmen hiding out in delightful Bruges following a messy job, only to run into the kind of trouble only two killers can. Some may be put off my its dark tone, but kind of film does not get made very often.



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