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Trailer Tracker: Super Bowl Surge!

From all the thirty
seconds film clips that peppered the airwaves of Super Bowl XLV from pre-game
to Glee time, Player Affinity has
collected six of the best and most revealing teasers. We get our respective
inaugural peak at one of the many superhero flicks blasting into theatres this
year with Captain America: The First
and also Transformers: The Dark
of the Moon
, the third and supposedly final instalment in the hugely
popular robo-smashing franchise. J.J. Abrams’ and Steven Spielberg’s mysterious
project Super 8 perpetually continues
to reveal itself in fine detail, and finally rounding out the festivities are
brand spanking new clips for Cowboys
& Aliens
, Fast Five and Battle: Los Angeles. Who said the fun
stops when the clock runs out? Another touchdown, it’s Trailer Tracker.


New trailers this week:
Captain America: The First Avenger
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Super 8
Cowboys & Aliens
Fast Five
Battle: Los Angeles 

Captain America: The First Avenger

 This film adaptation,
though continuously buoyed as a 2011 event film and boasting a middle-to-high
profile superhero, has certainly had its fair share of detractors. Casting
Chris Evans in the titular role after already gracing the screen as another
superhero in two “Fantastic Four” entries, was met with controversy as was the
choice of Joe Johnson as director, as was…hell most everything else. Though
only a shock and awe teaser, this first official look has stoked my smouldering
expectations to a new intensity; chiefly due to a look (albeit a fleeting one)
at the amazing Hugo Weaving as Red Skull. If the trailer promises anything
regarding the content of the actual film, it is that of a gritty WWII period
piece. If this is the case then consider me titillated…in a manly way of

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Say what you will about
the man but
knows how to cut an
enticing trailer. For what I can describe as only bedrock (more like molten
rock) bottom expectations, the initial teaser and now this follow-up entry for
the third instalment of the “Transformers” series has impressed me to an
extent. The autobots and decepticons have apparently thrown caution to the wind
and deemed Earth as their whipping boy; thirty seconds of exploding buildings
and screaming metal are all this spot promises. All I can hope is that Bay trims down his normally excessive running
time and lets the FX-laden, brain-numbing action do its thing and not bore us
to death in the process. 

Super 8

Originally (and
uncorrected) heralded as a sequel to Cloverfield,
this entry is instead a wholly original effort from director J.J. Abrams and
producer Steven Spielberg. An official plot is still yet to be revealed though
an alien invasion scenario of some time has been confirmed since its mysterious
initial teaser last year. Super 8’s
Super Bowl spot is a high-octane, explosion-riddled experience which has only
made me eager to see more (especially with the talent involved). Perhaps some
of my expectations lie with my love and admiration for creative marketing
(anything to break up the monotony) but even before seeing an iota of bonafied
material I was enticed. Set for a straight-up June, blockbuster release, Super 8 is quickly looking like a
tentpole event.  

Cowboys & Aliens

To claim that the first
full-length trailer for Jon Favreau’s second string of comic book adaptations
exceeded my expectations would stand as an egregiously harsh statement not only
to the star-studded collection this picture boats but also to my unchecked
admiration for genre-blending diversions. Courtesy of
and Pittsburgh,
we get crisp new footage of Daniel Craig leaping onto extraterrestrial aircraft
and more bang-bang for our buck. The clip may have had too much of a focus on
the stars than on the enticing premise, but if anything my excitement is only
growing into the summer months for this root em’ toot em effort.

Fast Five

We all expected it, and
now we have a taste of it; Fast Five’s
new teaser hints at the inevitable smackdown between two of the biggest current
action icons in Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Vin Diesel. Aside from that the
first petro-fuelled trailer provided most of what we needed to see in a fifth
“Fast and Furious” flick, but you know what, that little extra goes a long way,
especially when two muscle-clad behemoths are thundering fists down upon one
another. I was trying to think of more to say, but who am I trying to fool?

Battle: Los Angeles

The spots for this (and
yes yet another alien invasion movie) have continued to impress, and the newest
whiff sends home some more semi-shaky cam, what’s-going-on messages but with
the same level of intrigue. Constantly (and please don’t think I coined this)
compared to Black Hawk Down meets Independence Day the rambling buzz and
combined hate has been palatable. Certainly director Jonathon Liebesman having
concocted such flicks as The Texas
Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
does not inspire confidence, but for
whatever it’s worth, the trailers do. 


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