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Trailer Tracker: The Big Year, Margaret, and more

It’s been a big year for a
lot of things in 2011, though distressingly most seem to tilt towards the
negative side of things. So, I believe it’s time for a laugh with this week’s
featured trailer, The Big Year,
starring Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson as three friends and
birdwatchers who pluck themselves from the real world to enter a year-long
competition of ornithological bliss – or not. Matt Damon, Anna Paquin and Mark
Ruffalo star among others in Margaret,
a drama about a bus accident and the consequences that come from telling the
truth about the event or seeking to hide it amongst lies. Director Tom Six returns
with the follow-up to his stomach-turning shocker The Human Centipede: First Sequence with “Full Sequence,” which is
apparently so disturbing it has already been banned in the
UK. Last off,
Tom Tykver (Run Lola Run, The International) debuts his trailer
for 3, the Golden Lion nominated
drama about a married couple who partake in an affair with the same man,
unbeknownst to the other. It’s always a saucy affair on Player Affinity – it’s
Trailer Tracker.


New clips this week:

The Big Year
The Human Centipede: Full Sequence


The Big Year

Planes, Trains and Automobiles meets The
Bucket List
in The Big Year, an
adaptation of the novel of the same name which finds bird enthusiasts and
friends Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson facing respective mid-life
crises and decide to travel across North America in search of the most
rare species, with expected impacts on their lives back home (and so forth). Rashida
Jones and Big Bang Theory’s Jim
Parsons also star, and with David Frankel (The
Devil Wears
Prada, Marley and Me)
at the helm there is plenty to be excited about in this October comedy. Sadly,
the trailer is not one of those attributes; generic, rather unfunny and
apparently loaded with slapstick, the subject matter casts doubt on the
bare-bone strengths of the film.


A debut clip aside, I am
still intrigued, especially at what looks to be an interesting dynamic between
three comedians with vastly different styles of evoking laughs. Looking at the
lowest common denominator, let’s hope the movie at the very least looks
glorious, as filming took place in any number of picturesque locations across
Canada and the United States. Comedies are always
hit and miss; you can thank the subjectivity of the genre, so hopefully there
is more substance to the material than three oafs stumbling around the woods.



We’ve all heard of delayed
films. Sometimes it’s a few months, even a few years, but how about since 2007!? Margaret was scheduled for a debut four
years ago, but director Kenneth Lonergan was unable to come up with a final cut
with which he was satisfied, resulting in multiple lawsuits from executives. This
delay is especially odd considering for once it was not the studio behind the
time shift, and that it stars Matt Damon, Anna Paquin, Mark Ruffalo, Jean Reno
and Mathew Broderick to boot. Paquin (in her pre-True Blood days) stars as the titular seventeen-year-old student
who may have contributed to a bus accident but hides the truth bringing about
potentially dire consequences for all those involved. Hopefully Lonergan found
his desired cut as the cast and strong dramatic presence at the very least have
the ability to make this troubled little film work.

The Human Centipede: Full Sequence

Getting in shit received a
whole new connotation with Tom Six’s gross-out surgical horror movie The Human Centipede: First Sequence about
a deranged scientist who stitches together three unfortunate souls’ mouth to
anus. I was personally a fan of the original thanks to a creepy central
performance from the mad doctor and surprising restraint considering the
premise. My fear is now that director Six will try and go all out and forgo any
attention to tension or atmosphere – a fear that is slowly being realized as it
has already been banned in
and stripped down for its
debut. I will be checking this out based on outstanding goodwill alone, but
consider my expectations in check.


Nominated for the Golden
Lion at the 67th Venice International Film Festival, 3 finds a couple named Hanna and Simon, living in a twenty-year
marriage but in a non-relationship. Each eventually develops an affair with a
man named Adam, without knowing that from each other, and without Adam knowing
that his two lovers are married to each other. Apparently a comedy (you
wouldn’t be able to tell from the trailer, that’s for sure) and containing
plenty of promiscuity, there has been a significant amount of buzz, reportedly
rising above a premise that could be very movie-of-the-week. Expect 3 to hit North American theatres in time
for awards season. 


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