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Trailer Tracker: Vampires Suck, The Switch and more

When it’s hot outside, there is only one way to stay cool: Trailer Tracker, where we at Player Affinity play the role of angry kid with a magnifying glass to the newest movie trailers hitting the web.  After a mammoth surge of hotly anticipated clips last week, things cool down with the spoof Vampires Suck, we catch up with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman in the comedy The Switch, explore the mathematically-themed thriller The Oxford Murders and cap things off with a clip from a horror flick that tells a tale of the terrifying chain letter. 

Vampires Suck

Five words, seemingly innocent on their own, but when combined create the most terrifying phrase known to mankind: A Friedberg and Seltzer movie. Since their debut “effort” Date Movie, the directing/writing duo has created some of the most unbearable films of all time that were all inexplicably box office successes. Finally after a financial misstep with Disaster Movie, the former Scary Movie writers seemed to fade away. Yet, like the undead rising from their coffins, the vampire craze was too much to resist and they’re back, this time poking fun at the “Twilight” films. Vampires may suck, but so do they.


The Switch

As huge as Friends was throughout the '90s, Jennifer Aniston is the only one of the gang to make it big on the silver screen. She joins the hilarious Jason Bateman in this pregnancy comedy where a middle aged woman (Aniston) decides to get pregnant through artificial insemination. Her male friend (Bateman) as a result of alcohol and jealously switches his sperm with that of the donor's one night at a party. Fast forward years later and he now has a son; let the hilarity begin. Another Jennifer (the Lopez one) headlined a pregnancy flick with The Back-up Plan earlier this year to luke-warm results. Hopefully this talented cast, which also includes Patrick Wilson, can find the right blend of laughs and heart. The Switch sneaks its way into theaters this August.

The Oxford Murders

When a film has sat in limbo since 2008, that is rarely a good sign, but such is the case with the symbolic murder-mystery starring Elijah Wood and John Hurt which is set for a release on demand. The Oxford Murders (Oxford as in the university) follows Martin (Wood) as he tries to solve a series of murders linked by mathematical symbols. The premise certainly sounds like it allows room for intelligence, but far too many times we have seen high concept movies like this ironically sink into utter stupidity. Only time will tell how this thriller fares.


Chain Letter

And you thought campy horror movies were dead. From its laughable voice-over to the bluntly metaphorical means by which victims meet their end (with chains, wink wink) it is clear that Chain Letter knows what it’s doing in the B-movie fun department. Nikki Reed, Keith David, Brad Dourif and Ling Bai star as a group of friends who experience the wrath of a killer when they fail to forward on one of those pesky chain letters. Let that be a warning to all those who delete email spam without checking it …



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