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Trends We’re Thankful For: Still-Solid Superhero Flicks

In what we may call the “new era” of superhero movies (ones semi-grounded in reality that tend to be grittier and do away with the sillier elements of the source material) it’s still rather surprising to me that not only has the market reached the saturation point, but that the films have also been of a surprisingly consistent quality. In my and many others opinion, The Dark Knight still reigns supreme, but that does not mean there are not some stellar ones floating around.

This year alone we had one great, two very good and one ok comic-book adaptation (that would be X-Men; First Class, Thor, Captain America and Green Lantern respectively) and all did decent business despite the competition. In fact, since 2000 I can nearly count on one hand the number of flicks belonging to this genre that have fallen on my bad side and even though I keep asking myself when is enough enough, I am still consistently entertained by each new section in the seemingly never-ending procession.

So I say to all studios (and at this point it pretty much is all) thank you for making some damn good superhero movies, and for not making too many utterly shitty ones. Amen.


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