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Tribes: Ascend Beta Coming Next Month

Fans of the Tribes series will get the chance to play the next game in the series when the closed beta for Tribes: Ascend starts on November 4th.

The highly anticipated multiplayer shooter Tribes: Ascend is being developed by HiRez Studios. Fans of the game are very eager to get their hands on it and find out whether it lives up to the series' as yet unmatched legacy. You can sign up for the closed beta via the official website here. HiRez has said that they will also be giving out beta keys via their Facebook and Twitter pages and that gamers who preorder will also gain access to the beta, as well as some other in-game bonuses that have yet to be detailed.

The beta is set to feature four massive maps with two playable game modes as well as three vehicles and 12 different loadouts/classes. layers will be allowed to try out and test the game's massive 32-player multiplayer battles. Public betas have proven to be quite successful for games like Starcraft 2 and. more recently. Battlefield 3, so it's no suprise that a multiplayer focused game like Tribes: Ascend is having a beta itself.

Tribes: Ascend is set for a release on PC during Q1 of 2012.


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