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Tribes: Ascend Gets Gameplay Trailer

Before games like Call of Duty and Halo dominated the online FPS genre, Tribes was a big game for PC gamers looking for some sci-fi shooter action. While the last game, Tribes: Vengeance, was released back in 2004, its been far longer since the series has been a popular choice for PC gamers.

There are currently two Tribes games in development, Tribes: Universe and Tribes: Ascend. Both are being developed by Hi-Rez Studios and while the first is an MMO set in the game's vast universe, the latter is a new multiplayer-only shooter.

Today it was not only was it announced that Tribes: Ascend will be free to play, but Hi-Rez Studios also showed off the games cool engine in the games first gameplay trailer. Check it out below:

The trailer shows off the game's powerful new engine as well as the scale of the maps in the game. Another thing that has Tribes fans excited were the powerful and cool weapons shown in the games trailer. 

While I'm excited to giving Tribes: Ascend a try, a lot of the things that the trailer highlights have been featured in recent games like Halo:Reach and Section 8: Prejudice so I'm not sure how well the game will do when it's inevitably compared to other shooters.


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