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Tripwire’s Dwarfs! Now Available

A band of tiny men has been stealthily carving out a tunnel to Steam right beneath our feet, while we were none the wiser.  Suddenly the new game Dwarfs!? just popped up on Steam this afternoon with the full game, demo and launch trailer, taking us all by surprise.

The new game puts you in charge of a kingdom of dwarfs (Not dwarves), and we all know what dwarfs like to do, they "Dig dig dig dig in their mines the whole day through.  To dig dig dig dig is what they really like to do".  They'll also mine treasure, fight enemies, and explore a vast underground kingdom in a combination of city sim and Tower Defense gaming.

While your tiny spelunkers are burrowing around in their virtual cave, you''ll have a few different game modes to explore, including Tower Defense, freeplay sandbox mode, an "Endless" mode, and a subterranean zombie mode too.

It's published by Tripwire Interactive, who also put out The Ball and Killing Floor, and it was developed by Power of Two, a two-man development team.  Give this hardworking duo a chance, and take a look at their game.  You can get it on Steam for $9.99, and there's a ten-percent launch discount as of now. 


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