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Tron 3 to start filming in the Fall

tron thumpnail Like a phoenix from the ashes the Tron series is set to rise again with a third movie that is set to start filming in Vancouver this October. The Vancouver blog Vancity Buzz broke the news and Devin Faraci from Badass Digest confirmed through his sources that Disney are continuing with the series. Joseph Kosinski is set to return to the director's chair and Garrett Hedlund will reprise his role, but there is no word regarding further casting or scripting. Hopefully Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde will return to the series, while Cillian Murphy's cameo in Tron: Legacy hints that he was going to have a bigger role in the series. The original Tron was released in 1982, making $33 Million from its $17 Million budget which Disney considered a disappointment despite the positive reviews. The movie earned a cult following in the subsequent years. The sequel Tron: Legacy was released in 2010, having a large $170 Million budget and making $400 Million worldwide, though it only made $172 Million domestically.


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