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Tron: Evolution Preview

With the release of Tron: Legacy so close, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there has been a video game in the works to take advantage of the predicted popularity. Developed by Propaganda Games and published by Disney Interactive, Tron: Evolution will allow players to experience the Tron universe first-hand. 

Tron: Evolution is intended as a prequel to the film Tron: Legacy that is being released around the same time, filling in vital and important plot details, including characters, events and settings that are of concern in the film. While Legacy follows the story of how Kevin Flynn’s son finds him locked in the dark technological world of TRON and their battle to escape, Evolution shows how Flynn (played by Jeff Bridges in the film) was caught and jailed as well as the events that shaped TRON’s future since then. The player controls an avatar named Anon(ymous), chosen in part to allow the player to more fully identify with a character that is encountering TRON for the first time; the Anon entity was created by Flynn to reveal and squash a clandestine plan being developed by malicious agents within TRON.

Tron: Evolution is mostly an over-the-shoulder action game with RPG elements, although there are segments that involve racing as well. As the player accomplishes objectives, the player’s avatar becomes more powerful, gaining upgrades and new skills with each experience level. The gameplay is similar in design to Prince of Persia or Mirror’s Edge in that movement is fast and is designed to allow easy traversal of the environment in a freerunning/parkour style; combat was inspired by the Brazilian capoeira ritual combat dance. Smooth transitions between combat, movement and object negotiation is handled by the context-sensitive shoulder buttons. Racing sections add depth and variety to the game, with the primary event being the light cycles from both films; they are able to turn 90 degrees and leave trails that act like a brick wall for opponents to crash into.

Multiplayer with up to 10 players is also included, with four game modes: disintegration (deathmatch), team disintegration (team deathmatch), Power Monger (king of the hill) and Bit Runner (capture the flag). Each mode can be played on the game’s four maps with combat mostly handled on foot with throwable light discs. On the larger maps vehicles can be used, including the light cycles as well as a light tank. One cool mechanic is that the player can port over the character they’ve built up and developed in single player for use in multiplayer. The developer hopes that this innovation will encourage players to indulge in both the single and multiplayer without having to support two individual accounts.

Tron: Evolution is set to be released on several platforms on December 7th, 2010, including Windows, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360, Wii and the Nintendo DS.



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