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True Blood – Beyond Here Lies Nothin’

The hunter becomes the hunted and things are turned upside down at the end in a few ways. We really begin to at least understand that Sookie is more than human. Bon Temps attempts to return to normal whatever that may be.

So many things going on but joyfully the end of one storyline I am truly glad to see end. Unfortunately we were given some kind of foreshadowing of the fact that things were not completely done.

Sam and Bill work together to really save the town and the weird part is in the end only Sookie really understands the truth. Sam does the final deed that needed to be done with Bill's help. For the most part the towns memory of what occurred is wiped clean.

We learn that Eric is involved with the Queen of the area in a venture that seems like it could be very dangerous on so many levels specially for Bill Compton.

Sam leaves for a few days to try to find out the truth about himself. We learn a little more about the disaster his life has been up to this point. Jessica truly feels alone as Bill is not paying attention to her and Hoyt acted like he abandoned her. It does seem that Hoyt did regret his actions but we don't really know where that is going. We know its turning deadly for someone.

Jason and Andy believe they are heroes and in the end they saved the town. Of course that is based on what they knew their intentions were but in reality they are oblivious like the rest of the town. Andy does get his badge back though and we see a crazed tragedy at the end which will cause a tremendous amount of pain for Tara and possible Jason.

The cliffhanger for next year was excellent. We see Sookie calling out for Bill and not seeing anything but a fallen chair, a messed up table, and an open door. There are so many possible conclusions to come too and we will have a while to think about it.

Overall a good ending to the season. Pretty clear cut based on where things had been left the last few episodes. There are some huge problems we will have to see dealt with and then there is Sookie and Bill. It was nice to see in a moment of clarity Sookie say yes! Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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