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True Blood – Burning House of Love

We find out why Sookie has been so reluctant to live her life. Tara and her mother go to have the demon excised. Randy Sue is a smart girl. Jason goes to Fangtasia and meets a new girl. Bill saves the townspeople and then something terrible happens.

Sookie finally reveals what has been troubling her for many years to Bill. Her Uncle Bartlett is a pervert and touched her as a child. Of course part of the problem was she could hear what he was thinking besides. It is a surprise she ever trusted any man ever. No wonder she waited for a honorable man like Bill.

You still feel what Bill does is a little drastic, but those silly vampires they do seem to hold a grudge if you hurt the one they love!

The scene with Tara, her mother, and Miss Jeanette was great. The exorcism was very well done if a little quick and it was intriguing how it effected Tara as much as her mother. Jason tells Randy Sue he is going to Fangtasia and we finally meet a girl with some sense when she dumps him on the spot. He meets a girl named Amy who seems like the ultimate hippie as she lives one with the Earth and the moment. What's really going on with Tara and Sam? Where is this going? It really seems to be a love/hate relationship.

Bill does the chivalrous thing at the end when he draws the Vampire Nest out of Merlotte's and away from the humans. He realized the danger everyone was in. The vigilantes torch the new nest the next morning and kill four vampires that were inside. We are led to believe on is Bill and Sookie goes into a deep funk as the episode ends.  Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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