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True Blood – Cold Ground

Adele Stackhouse is found murder in a pool of blood by Sookie. Bill and Sam come to her aid and her friends try to shield her from everyone. Tera and Sam hook up and Sookie and Bill's relationship goes to a new level.

Adele is dead and Sookie feels all alone. At the funeral she hears what everyone is thinking and tells them to shut the .... up. :) I really enjoyed Lois Smith as Adele and everything I have ever seen her in like the movie Twister. On a similar point I would like to say I am impressed with Anna Paquin and her work so far in this show.

Adele's death was inevitable in the maturation of Sookie's character. It forces her to make choices which she hadn't been doing. She had been playing at life and as we see by the end of this episode she jumps in with both feet. Also I think they will have to explore the fact that Sookie was the target of the murder not her grandmother.

Jason is a screw up as he invited their Uncle Bill to the funeral and this obviously upset Sookie. He never seems to do the right thing. We see him continuing his "relationship" with Randy Sue.

Tera and Sam hook up again mostly because he needs someone and she is trying to escape from her mother. Something is obviously coming to head with that as well as her mother claims she needs to excise a demon from herself. The graveyard seems like a peaceful place and I don't usually get that feeling about graveyards. I like how they have made it a focal point in the story and it is what separates Bill and Sookie physically and spiritually.

The ending is great when Sookie actually lives her dream with Bill and they end up together. Quite moving.  Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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