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True Blood – Escape From Dragon House

Dawn was dead and Jason is the main suspect. Jason drinks the whole bottle of V resulting in some problems for him. Sookie gets Bill to take her to the Vampire Bar in Shreveport where both of the dead women visited shortly before their deaths.

This is getting interesting. I love the music by Nathan Barr by the way it reminds me of soundtracks from Walter Hill movies with the music by Ry Cooder like The Last Man Standing starring Bruce Willis among others.

Dawn is indeed dead. Hey! Dawn of the Dead! Sorry :) She was strangled! Jason and the women next door come in after Sookie screams and of course she puts Jason there last night.

Sookie starts using her abilities to try to figure out who did it as she is pretty sure her brother Jason didn't. Tara even shows up at the police station and claims that she was with Jason the night before and gets him released. Jason has a bigger problem though. He took the whole bottle of V and swallowed it when he was in the police car after he was told to use a drop or two at the most. He has Priaprism which can be very painful. I won't go into the cure for those who are squeamish.

Bill comes to Merlotte's and Sookie asks him to take her to the Vampire Bar Fangtasia. Both of the murdered women had gone there before their untimely deaths. Bill agrees and they go. She calls it a Disneyland for Vampires. They meet the oldest vampire Eric and he speaks with them. To be honest we don't really learn that much other than we get to see how single minded the vampires are in general.

A great scene at the end of the bar finds a State Trooper pulling Bill and Sookie over in his BMW and Bill proceeds to use his glamor on the patrolman with devastating results. In this world vampires have weaknesses but they definitely have some pretty intense powers. A surprise in that this weeks episode does not end in a cliff hanger. I think enough goes on for you to think about that a high powered ending may overwhelm the story line each week. There is a lot to ponder about this episode and where things are going. The ending was a little strange with Sam smelling Dawn's sheets and pillows for some reason. The explanation for this ought to be really interesting. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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