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True Blood – Frenzy

Basically a real filler episode waiting for next weeks season finale. We see all of the pieces being put into place and putting Bill and Sam together at the end of the episode. We meet the Queen of the area Sophie-Anne played by Evan Rachel Wood.

I really spent most of this episode waiting for something to happen. The realization that what really was happening was a finale set-up to the this seasons storyline. Everything is pointing to the ceremony at Sookie's house.

This would be all so much more interesting if it didn't revolve around the Maryanne character and the rather weak storyline that has been built up through out the season.

So we have Lafayette under Maryanne's control. Tara has returned to roost along with Eggs. Sookie is now trapped in her own house. The rest of the town except for some key personnel are useless.

We have Hoyt who is upset with Jessica, but quickly realizing all things are not what they seem. Did he not see what happened with Jessica would eventually occur. He's not that smart a boy but really eventually something has to get through to him. I like the character so I hope he ends up doing well in the finale.

Sam and Andy are on their way up to try to do something. I am not sure what they can do considering anyone they would shoot at this point is one of their friends. I guess chaos is the name of the game. After the first season it is rather appropriate that Jason and Andy are two of the "sane" people left in town.

We get a true picture of the players in this episode. Eric will do nothing for anyone unless he sees an advantage to it or something to gain. The Queen Sophie-Anne is not dealing with reality any longer. Look at the room she has equipped for her to live in. It's like a day sap for a vampire to make it seem like it is the middle of the day. You can trust her as far as you could throw her and I'm sure no one could based on her age and strength.

In the end I am betting on Sam and Bill with maybe Hoyt's assistance coming through with some plan to end this madness. They will get Maryanne to believe Dionysus or Bacchus has come and then they will destroy her and set the town free. You have to wonder what the aftermath of all this will be though.

When the season started it seemed the Fellowship of the Sun was going to be the major storyline but in the end it was this "mysterious" (boring) god-like creature who's story they choose to follow. Hopefully we get back to some semblance of true intrigue next season. I's still looking forward to the finale. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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