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True Blood – Hard-Hearted Hannah

Sookie and Isabel's human companion Hugo try to infiltrate the Fellowship of the Sun. Sam finds out the real truth about Daphne and her relationship with Maryann. Ginger orders Lafayette to sell V per Eric's orders. Bill's maker arrives in Dallas.

Things are getting dicey in Bon Temps and Dallas. Maryann is going thru with some sort of ritual involving pretty much the whole town while Sookie is trying to infiltrate the Fellowship of the Sun.

As I stated after last weeks episode I had a bad feeling about Daphne. She did show up shortly after Maryann and those scratches mean something. Poor Sam is wrapped up in something I'm afraid is really bad news. You just got the feeling when you saw Daphne as the pig finally. Daphne's not the same as Sam. Eggs seems like a pawn in Maryann's game as well and Tara seems not to be able to fight Maryann's power either.

Lafayette's situation could be either deteriorating or he could make a remarkable comeback. On one hand he is the shell of a person he once was but on the other hand the vampires have something in store for him. As he said, they could have glamored him but they chose not to and kept him aware of what is going on. Now selling V at their request?

Maryann is one dangerous being. I have to admit that I am not really driven to discover her true nature. This storyline has sort of worn out its welcome. I can see just so many orgies and weird dancing about before it gets to be old hat. They need to reveal the point to all this. Hopefully with the cliff hanger this week that seems to be their plan. This part is reason for half of the points loss that gave this episode an eight. Back in Dallas we finally see the Reverend's true colors and why Sarah has been acting the way she has. Not that I believed any better of him before but his hatred is finally coming to the surface and overcoming his emotions. Jason and Luke's discussion was enlightening. What do you think Jason is going to do when he finds out Sookie is trapped in the church basement? Eric's motives are getting clearer and clearer. Personally I don't like the direction of this piece of the story either or the part where Sookie is trapped by the Reverend. I sort of get a Perils of Pauline sort of feeling. The heroin gets captured and must once again be saved by her hero who must overcome many obstacles to get to her. If Eric saves her it will not work out and I have a sneaking suspicion that is what Eric has planned. This is the other points deduction for me on this episode that ended up giving it an eight overall.

As for Bill, Marina is back at the behest of Eric and she is pushing her ultimate authority over Bill as his maker. We all know what Bill really thinks of her as he has told us in prior episodes. So how long with she be really able to control him?

Hoyt and Jessica together at last. I am fine with this connection but we'll see if it ends badly or not. Jessica is not a practiced vampire and with Bill preoccupied there could be trouble.

An interesting episode of a show I love. The only problem is I don't like the direction of a few of the plot lines as they are getting sort of blurry. Not enough positives and too many negatives. I hope they turn this around next week. I have to give this episode an eight based on those observations. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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