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True Blood – I Don’t Wanna Know

Sam admits he is a Shape Shifter to Sookie. The Inquisitor of the tribunal decides on a punishment for Bill. Everyone is at Arlene's party including the killer. Tara tries to excise her demon. Lafayette knows Jason is up to something.

My favorite scene is the beginning when Sam says, "I'm a shape shifter." Sookie says, "Shut the **** up!" How Sam kept this a secret so long is amazing and the fact he has only told Sookie tells us something. Of course he was sort of forced to when she woke up and he was nude in bed with her.

Tara gets her exorcism but it is a little different than her mother's. She finds out later the lady is a fake and gets a DUI and ends up in jail. Somehow I don't think her Mom is going to be able to come through for her the way she always did for her mother.

Eddie is playing Jason against Amy and vice versa and it seems to be working. Amy has backed off on her negativity toward him and is acting all sweet.

Arlene's party was great until someone tried to kill Sookie. Again it was the same person who had killed everyone else. We know this because Sookie sees visions in his mind.

Probably the most interesting part of this episode is the Vampire Inquisition. It is amazing how much in this world the vampires have forgotten that they were human in the past. Their overall feeling of superiority does not bode well for humanity or themselves in general. I have to admit the Inquisitors judgment was an interesting finding. Make Bill become a sire to an ultra religious girl. He has never been a maker and it is truly a clever punishment.

Somehow I think Bill needs to get back to Sookie soon. We'll see what happens? Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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