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True Blood – I Will Rise Up

In the aftermath of the suicide bomber Eric takes advantage of Sookie's good nature. Unfortunately this creates an unnatural attraction between them. Maryanne is on the edge of losing it and is now after Sam full bore. Godric comes to a decision.

A busy episode with three main storylines and then about six other minor storylines in addition.

On the major side we now have the Eric/Sookie/Bill, the Tara/Eggs/Maryanne/Sam, and the Godric storylines. On the minor side we have the Momma/Hoyt/Jessica, Lafayette/Tara/Lettie Mae storyline, Sookie and Jason, Merlotte's and the intrigue there, Bon Temps and whats going to happen when the vampires return, and finally how the national press is going to spin the Dallas business.

Personally I was fine with the Bill and Sookie relationship. Things are complicated and crazy enough for me already. It was pretty obvious that Eric was going to bull his way into Sookie's life so I expected this to happen sooner or later. We'll see how it affects the dynamics.

The Maryanne plot line has run its course and is really dead as a door nail. They really need to bring this sucker to a close. Obviously Maryanne only has power if its given over to her by the individual. See the fact that Sam, Lafayette, and Andy Bellefleur seem to be immune to the mojo. Also the Sheriff did not really succumb until he was beyond tired.

It was sad to see Godric go but in the end it seems he got his humanity back. He and Bill seem to be the only vampire characters that really seem to understand that. I wonder what effect his demise will really have on the overall state of vampire/human relationships. I find it stunningly simple to see through Luke's suicide bomber bit. What groups worldwide resort to suicide bombings? In this case it is the Fellowship of the Sun. What kind of people resort to this? What parallels can we draw from this?

I wonder what is going to happen with Hoyt and Jessica once Bill gets back? Hoyt's mother is a really spiteful person. As Hoyt said to her, she is full of hate!

Lafayette is still a great character and I wish he was more involved in the overall story. I'm not sure what can be done for Tara as long as Maryanne is in control. One thing for the portrayal of the Lafayette character is he can be a tough dude when he needs to be. I wonder what Jason will be up to next? He and Sookie have a good talk and I wonder what they can really do to help each other keep the world at bay and stay sane. Sookie's in really deep now and Jason is like a scrambled egg. It should be fun to see though.

Merlotte's and Bon Temp's is in trouble as long as Maryanne is still around. How will the vampires deal with this when they arrive back in Louisiana. I have a feeling it is going to be messy.

I gave this a nine as I dropped a half point each for the Maryanne storyline still being alive and kicking and the direction I knew the Sookie storyline was going. Overall this is still really special television. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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