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True Blood – Keep This Party Going

Eric interrogates Lafayette. Lafayette attempts to escape from the vampires. Jason goes to the conference in Dallas. Sookie makes the mistake of taking Jessica to see her family. Maryann seems to have quite an effect on the crowd at Merlotte's.

An episode full of interesting plot lines and things are starting to hop again in ole Bon Temps.

Maryann seems to be some sort of witch. Either that or some kind of entity who can control emotions. She causes some pretty heady emotions at Merlotte's and no one seems immune except Sookie who hears a voice doing some kind of Latin incantations from her mind. The situation with Eggs and Tara is interesting now that we have a better idea of his past. Really Tara is sort of an innocent comparably to Eggs. You wonder what Maryann wants out of that relationship. Obviously even Sam does not know what she is capable of as he seems to be afraid of her as well. It will be interesting to see what happens once Bill and Eric get wind of her and her goings on.

Speaking of Eric, he interrogates Lafayette about his doings and really doesn't get much information. Based on the books he should be dead, but based on a few other things I've heard it seems that maybe they'll be a new vampire in town soon. I like Lafayette and I am hoping they do something good with that character.

Jason is off doing his thing in Dallas at the conference. He seems to be a favorite of the Reverend and his wife. You wonder if there isn't something underlining that plot line. He still is acting a little like a split personality as he really didn't want to kill Eddie. He was beginning to think of him as a person. Then there is his sister. Now he is acting like he'll kill the next vampire he sees, but he was horrified of the incident with Eddie. We'll see how this part goes and his new adversary Hoyt.

The scene with Bill, Eric, and the girl from the store was funny. When will Bill learn not to say no to Eric? Did Sookie really think Bill would not find out about her little trip with Jessica? Not only can he track her, but he can track Jessica. Unfortunately I think this storyline is going to end tragically for the family unless Bill can really pull some mojo on their minds and get Jessica in line.

Somehow Sookie really needs to grasp that she is dealing with vampires and they can be dangerous. She still seems a little too naive based on her past experiences. Sometimes she just doesn't seem to think. The trip to Dallas should be interesting. You know Bill will not let her go alone.

Next week should be another fun episode now that we are into the second season. I'm looking forward to it! Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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