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True Blood – Let’s Take a Trip Together

Bill, Sookie, and Jessica are off to Dallas where the Church of the Light tries to abduct Sookie. Maryann throws an orgy for Tara's Birthday and she gets together with Eggs. Daphne and Sam seem to have hit it off and she knows what he is.

Another great episode similar to the first episode of the season more than the last two but with more action. We see some things completed and some new stories start to take shape.

I am really starting to like Jessica a lot. I hope they are setting us up for a big fall there. Bill and Eric seem to be getting along better not so much because they want to but because they have too. The news about the Texas sheriff was major that a Vampire that old could be taken by humans. I liked Eric explanation for why he helped Lafayette.

Daphne has those scratches like Sookie and the dead woman did but she seems to be fine. She did not attack Sam and she seems to understand what he is. Sam saw the scratches but didn't react that much to them. It will be interesting to see where this story goes.

Maryann is still bad news and the parties she throws are outrageous. It still is hard to figure out what or who she is. Somehow I am wondering if Daphne and the thing that is attacking people are related to her. They seemed to show up shortly after she did. Now Daphne is after Sam. Tara hooks up with Eggs despite her better sense earlier. It seems she is destined for something Maryann has planned for her.

Things are getting a little stranger with the Church people. Sarah is acting a little strange for a preachers wife especially in front of her husband with another man. They tried to kidnap Sookie and Jason is there. They say he is special. Why? Is Sarah after him or is there something more sinister afoot. What a shock at the end when Barry and Sookie could read each others minds. So there are other people like Sookie and maybe we'll get to learn a little more in time.

A great episode with a few new story lines and a few older ones moving towards an end maybe quite nicely. Great production values and the acting is superb as always. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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