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True Blood – Mine

Sookie is rescued from being taken by the vampires when Bill declares that she is mine! Not all vampires are polite as Bill. Another girl that Jason slept with dies the same day. Sam and Tara sleep together because they are both lonely.

Sookie seems a little shocked by the reality of her situation. She is one brave girl but despite her protests she does seem pretty naive. She has great dreams though. I loved the bit with the cat purring and she yelled at him to stop and he did.

What's with the dog and Sam? Tara heard Sam bark in his sleep. Is there a connection there somehow. The dog looks perfectly healthy yet doesn't seem to belong to anyone. Tara and Sam sleep together because they are lonely and miss having sex for a long time.

No vampire glamor seems to work on Sookie which shocks the vampires no end. Despite his best efforts Jason is getting pulled into more and more vampire things. First the sex with girls that have been with vampires and now he is going to use the V. Tara sees him doing the online dance. That has got to come back to haunt him!

It seems that anyone Jason sleeps with is found dead the next day or so. Sookie found Dawn and I assume she is dead. I don't know for sure though. What a waste! Well the cliffhanger involved Sookie but at least it wasn't related to Sookie getting killed. This time she finds the body and screams ending the episode.

Finally we are learning a little about vampire politics within the vampires of the world. The hierarchy if you will. The older you are the more pull you have. It seems some vampires are not OK with treating human beings as equals.  Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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