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True Blood Minisodes

So with less than two weeks left to go before the season three premiere of True Blood, I thought I'd post the five minisodes that HBO have released as a teaser to keep us all going till June 13th. Each short clip is around three minutes long and although they don't give away many clues to what's going to be in store, each is really quite entertaining and definately worth the watch. My personal favourite is the first, I love Eric's character and his reactions to the auditions are great.

Contains strong language. Viewer discretion advised.
Number One
- Eric and Pam

Number Two - Jessica

Number Three - Sookie, Lafayette and Tara

Number Four - Sam

Number Five - Bill

If nothing else, they give a great reminder of all the characters and their personalities. The Sam clip was a little disappointing and I missed Jason, but still they did a great job of 'sucking' me back into their crazy world. Anyway, that's all for now, I've got to go ravage my girlfriend "gently but not too gently, the way a pirate would".


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