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True Blood – Never Let Me Go

With Bill, Sookie, Jessica, and Eric in Dallas looking for the Texas area sheriff strange things are happening back home. Maryann and Eggs invite themselves to stay with Tara. Daphne reveals herself to Sam as a shape shifter.

Another entertaining episode with some setup and development for future episodes. The biggest news being Daphne, but the plan to get the Texas Sheriff back sounds a little daft.

So Daphne is a Shape Shifter and she makes the cutest little doe. What's with those scratches on her back though and is there some kind of relationship between her and Maryann. Somehow I just have that feeling personally. She showed up shortly after Maryann did. So did the beast that attacked Sookie. No we haven't forgot about that. It seems that Sam has gone whole hog for Daphne and I don't think he'll be leaving like he was planning any time soon.

As far as Merlotte's goes, Lafayette showed up to ask for his job back. Of course he's not going to say a word about where he's been after what he went through. Everyone else seems pretty off after all the positive and negative emotions Maryann has been throwing around. One still wonders exactly what she is? A Witch, Emotion Eater, Succubus, etc... Jason's got himself in pretty deep in more ways than one. In the bathtub with the preachers wife? Of course we all saw that coming but it's almost as if the Reverend is pushing her to him. I wonder what Jason will do if and when Sookie shows up at the compound? Will anyone else recognize her?

We find out about Eric's origins. He was a Viking or of Nordic heritage. Not a big surprise with his looks and name. He did seem to know all along that Sookie was going to have to infiltrate the Church. Bill will be going crazy about that as it is going on. Jessica actually seems a little homesick for Hoyt.

Finally it's a vamp hotel. What was so ominous about the little scene at the end? Are we suppose to be concerned for Sookie with Bill there or is it Jessica we need to worry about more. It should be fun to see. I just remember some of the cliff hangers being duds in the first season.

I thought this episode was a little slow in materializing. By the time half the episode was over not much had really happened. We really found out about Daphne, we now know Maryann is not going to let Tara go, Sookie is in danger in Dallas, and Jason's situation with the Church. Still it was very entertaining and well worth an 8.5. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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