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True Blood – New World In My View

Bill, Sookie, and Jason return to Bon Temp to find it in ruins. The sheriff seems to be missing and the people are running wild. Jason and Andy save Sam, and Bill and Sookie save Tara with Lafayette and Lettie Mae. Maryanne and Sookie have a showdown.

Basically four parts to this story and a very short episode. This episode ended at about forty five minutes into the telecast. About ten short of a usual episode. For once I was ready for a little more storyline.

Bill and Sookie return to find Hoyt's Mom going crazy and Hoyt and Jessica holding her at bay. When Sookie and Bill go to Sookie's house they find it ransacked and in a mess. Maryanne confronts them and forces Bill to attack her for going after Sookie making him sick. When she tries to attack Sookie a second time Sookie holds her off with a spiritual light of some kind and actual forces her away. Even Maryanne is stumped and has no idea what Sookie is. So we see there is more to Sookie then even the vampires seem to know.

Jason goes off to Merlotte's to find Sam and finds a mob of his friends forcing Sam and Andy to hide in the cooler. Jason uses his new found skills to stop the crowd eventually and with Andy and Sam's help gets the crowd to disperse. Best Jason storyline so far and a real improvement for his character.

After confronting Maryanne, Sookie and Bill race to Lafayette's to see about Tara. In the end they are able to reach her with a combination of Bill's glamor and Sookie's mind reading. We learn some interesting things though. In the end everyone is suppose to die. No one who has been taken over seems upset by this, matter of fact they seem to welcome it. Sookie and Bill do realize that there is very little left of the actual person in there minds though.

In the end Bill leaves Sookie with her friends and goes and speaks to the one person who may be able to help them. We seem to see something ominous at the end but who knows. The guards didn't seem alarmed and Bill really didn't look that horrified.

Let's face it. The Maryanne story is weak! They need to end this but obviously this is going to be the big finale piece for the season so expect the story to continue for at least another two episodes. I will be happy when this storyline ends though. I feel it has become a distraction more than a good story the last three weeks. Hopefully for season three we'll see more vampire intrigue and more of those type of stories. Thanks for reading.

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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