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True Blood – Night on The Sun

Another decisive shunt in the right direction tonight with almost all the key players having their plotlines developed. Some of the more tenuous links between stories have been deepened and with the exception of Sam and Lafayette, all the major characters are now firmly embroiled within a monstrous cocktail of vampires, werewolves and whatever the hell Sookie is.

Sookie has awakened from her all too brief coma (she says it best when she says nothing at all), thanks to some of Bill’s special sauce. Her first reaction to seeing the love of her life is understandable fear, but rather swiftly (too swiftly?) this melts away to allow them to conduct an awkward break-up. You know the kind:

It’s not you, it’s me Bill

I promise I won’t eat you again Sookie... probably

Needless-to-say, I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time and am pretty much all used up on this particular romance. However (damn you writers!), this is pretty short lived and after an odd interlude where Sookie and Alcide appear to be almost dry humping, Bill is back in the picture and having pretty violent sex with the all too sweet blonde. I thought I’d get this particular development out of the way first as it was certainly the episode’s weakest.

Last week ended with the King (Russell to his friends and boy toys) putting some distance between the Magister’s head and his body. Although this was only vaguely addressed tonight, it will certainly have wider ramifications for the national vampire community and hopefully reveal the face of the infamous ‘Authority’. Keeping this in the background is probably most effective right now, due to the visible pressure this is having on the King and the tension that is created knowing that a war may be approaching.

Crazy-bitch Debbie is out for blood in retaliation for the loss of her equally crazy wolf lover. Sookie is attacked in her home and whilst Bill and Jessica despatch the wolves downstairs, she is confronted by an enraged Debbie. The fight sequence here is quite spectacular and contains almost no hair pulling and/or name calling. Somehow, Sookie manages to fend off her attacker, largely with the help of some trusty scissors that open up the Grand Canyon of cuts across Debbie’s face. However, while all this is happening, Jessica pursues one of the wolves out of the house and is met by the ever whimsical King. Bill’s rescue attempt is overwhelmed by the King’s awesome force and it seems as if the pair are seconds from the ‘true death’.

During this series of events, Eric has managed to seduce the King’s husband Talbot and has him writhing naked on the floor. Until this point, we are still unsure of how Eric’s search for revenge will manifest itself, but with one swift strike, there is suddenly no confusion surrounding his intentions. Just as it seems that Eric is about to ravage Talbot, the camera focuses on Eric to catch him utter the words:

“Russell Edgington took my family from me, so now I take his”

And with the plunge of a stake, Talbot is meat slurry. This was undoubtedly the best 2 seconds of the episode and saw the King abandoning Bill and Sookie, screaming to the heavens, and flying (yep flying) into the sky. Even Eric is no match for the King’s power so I’m dying to see the two engage in battle.

Jason sees Crystal again and her eye has met the blunt end of a hillbilly. In true Jason form, he acts like a naive moron and has now got himself into a world of trouble with Crystal’s family, who are also very clearly werewolves. Sam is now alone with Tommy who is trying to get acclimatized to his new laid back lifestyle. There is little development here other that a brief interaction between Sam Tommy and Crystal’s Father, who seems to be fully aware of their shape shifting abilities. The final point of note was Lafayette’s visit from his schizophrenic mother, Ruby Jean and later Jesus (not the guy who likes wine more than water). Both characters seem to be convinced that Lafayette posses some form of power. Now of course Ruby Jean is bat shit crazy, but when Jesus seems to support her claim, it hints that there might be more to Lafayette than meets the eye.


An excellent episode, which really developed all the major themes significantly. There are a few blemishes in the form of Sam’s story and of course, Tara’s incessant winging, but overall a fantastic adrenaline fuelled mix of power, lust and revenge. As the season draws closer to the end, the impending conflicts between warring factions promise to be increasingly explosive. I do miss crazy old Franklin, but with this much blood and sex, True Blood has me well and truly glamoured.



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