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True Blood – Nothing But the Blood

A lot of loose ends are tied up and a lot of new questions are asked. Basically an episode to bring everyone up to speed on what has happened and is happening in the world of Sookie, Bill, Sam, Tara, Lafayette, and Jason.

Really a major filler episode in this season premiere of True Blood. I guess it's a good time to jump on board if you haven't seen the show up to this point. So you wouldn't be too lost if this was the first episode you've seen. Also the Dallas part mentioned in the summary for this episode did not occur yet as part of the running story.

Sookie and Bill are getting closer as all the untold stories between them are being told and accepted. Jessica's existence is revealed to Sookie and why she has come to be there. The final scene between them is smoking hot! They are both definitely are in love. It will be great to see where this takes them as she really tries to understand his life and theirs together.

We still don't understand everything about Maryann (I didn't realize that was Michelle Forbes by the way!) but we understand that she isn't a normal human being and she and Sam definitely have a past. Now we wonder what the future holds and her plans for Sam, and Tara.

Jason prayed and got his money so he will be going to the retreat he hoped for. I get the feeling that this might be a don't wish for something because you might get it situation.

Another dead body and it wasn't Lafayette as maybe we were lead to believe. It was Miss Jeanette and something had torn her heart out and left her in the back seat of Andy's car. Andy has left the building (his mind) and the sheriff takes him off the case.

Finally we see Lafayette being held in a basement of the Area 5 Vampire sheriff Eric. They said don't cross the vampires because they give out a harsh form of punishment. Remember they think of humans as cattle!

The rest of the episode wraps up old characters and introduces new ones. It definitely is worth watching to catch up with what has been going on in Bon Temps.

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