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True Blood – Plaisir D’Amour

Bill kills Longshadow while he is attacking Sookie and now he must pay through some tribunal. Tara goes and sees Miss Janette. Sookie's cat Tina is the next to die. Jason and Eddie bond.

The opening sequence is quite spectacular. I especially love the scene when the female vampire tells Sookie she has some vampire in her cleavage and then she says let me get it for you and reaches in and plucks it out. Then the other girl who had been glamored comes in acting all sweet and saying how great the vampires are. All the while Sookie is standing there dripping in blood.

Amy is psychotic and Jason better watch out. It was sort of interesting how Jason and Eddie bonded and in the end Jason was feeding him.

Sookie's cat Tina is the newest casualty of the town. That was sort of interesting. Who is doing all the killing and why? It's not the vampires so who is it? What was the reason for this one other than a hate crime or just trying to scare her? You'd think they'd be smart enough to realize she is not going to scare that easily by now.

Tara and Sam are getting closer. It was predictable that he would give her the money. Let's just hope it helps her as much as it seemed to help her mom.

Bill asking Sam to look out for Sookie was interesting. It just secured in my mind about Sam and what he was. Bill knew it and I wondered how long he has. The ending was not that much of a surprise. They tried to throw you off by showing more than one dog, but it was pretty obvious Sam was a shape shifter and I was wondering when we would find out the truth. It makes you wonder if he has been protecting Sookie all these years for other reasons.

We'll see, thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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