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True Blood – Release Me

It seems that everyone is double crossing everyone else. Daphne, Maryann, Reverend Steve, Sarah, Eric, Hugo, did I miss anyone? Bill is trapped by his maker and Godric finally shows himself. Only Hoyt and Jessica seem to be acting civilized.

OK, before I get shot for heresy hear me out. This is truly a great show with tremendous possibilities. It is definitely one of the five best shows currently on television. I believe it has gotten off track in the last few episodes. Where last season it strayed with a few serialized stories this year it has gone over the edge with some really far out stuff. This episode has the same energy and breathed that all of the previous episodes have had but like the last one this show seems to have lost its way.

I can see how someone might think this is great television but its not really that clever. There has been a central theme to the last few episodes. Basically don't trust anyone else period. Look at Sam and Daphne, Isabel and Hugo, Eric and Bill, Maryann and Tara, Maryann and Daphne, Rev. Steve and Sarah, Sarah and Jason, and I can go on and on. So everyone is betraying everyone else. As I stated, it's just not that clever. Write a story and have everyone turn on everyone else.

The only two couples that still can trust one another are Sookie and Bill and Hoyt and Jessica but we will have to wait till next week to see how those relationships continue. Eric has totally screwed Bill and maybe ruined his and Sookie's relationship with this maneuver. Which of course was his original goal as he wants Sookie for himself. We finally find out what or who Maryann is. From the mythology basically she is the fallen ones minion who really shouldn't have that kind of power over just anyone but they have taken this to the extreme which seems to be a specialty of sorts for this show. It's interesting that good ole' Andy Bellefleur might be the hero in the end of this story. I really thought they had been clever with the Maryann character but I think they lost it on this story as well.

It turns out the Fellowship of the Sun is just a hate group (big surprise) and has no affiliation with God or any other religious order. It is basically a front for starting a race war. Not that the vampires are turning out to be any better, but at least they have the excuse that they are vampires. The situation with Jason is a perfect example of how little the Fellowship really knows. They didn't know that Sookie Stackhouse was Jason Stackhouse's sister when they are both from Bon Temps?

It should be interesting to see how everyone comes out of all this. Hopefully there will be some semblance of solid storyline soon instead of this all over the place buckshot type approach. Maybe that's the problem. Too many minor story lines within the three or four major ones. I know I'll be watching. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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