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True Blood – Scratch My Back

Sookie is attacked in the woods by some kind of creature unlike anything the humans or vampires have seen before. Sam is thinking about running from Maryann. Bill and Eric save Sookie who in turn saves Lafayette in an agreement to help Eric in Dallas.

rue Blood really hits its Season Two stride with this excellent episode. We pick up a major new plot twist and we find out what really happened to Lafayette. We also see where new characters like Daphne and Maryann are affecting the story.

The creature that attacked Sookie looked like a Wendigo or something of that type based on the silhouette we saw at a distance. Of course the results are nothing like what one would see from that type of creature. This is a creature that plants its own venom in your system paralyzing you so that it can then do its business. Based on what we saw with Daphne at the end it is more than just devouring its prey. Poor Sookie, shes really been through Hell the last six months or so.

Poor Sam, first Maryann shows up and turns his world upside down and now Daphne may just do it even more. He is such a nice guy and seems to attract weirdness in the same way Sookie does. Daphne seems to be out of it most of the time. Maybe that's a by product of being attacked and then whatever happens to you.

Tara seems to finally got the message that something funny is going on. Someone said that she may be the most intelligent person in Bon Temps if not the most screwed up. She's not too screwed up enough to not recognize that what was going on at Maryann's is not normal. It will be fascinating to see in the end what Maryann really is?

Jason continues to be manipulated by forces outside his control. Just when you think he is finally thinking straight he gets pulled back in. It sort of shows you that no one side is absolutely right or wrong but everyone has their own agenda.

I really enjoyed the Jessica/Hoyt part of the show. Both of these characters are trusting people who were looking for answers. In a way Jessica seems to be looking for someone to love her for who she is and Hoyt is looking for someone to care and love him in return. Both of them really hit you as being the monogamous types looking for love.

When Bill returns I think we are expected to see them at least to the point where Jessica has bitten Hoyt, but for once we are pleasantly surprised to see that obviously she really has fallen for Hoyt as they are taking it slow. I like the Hoyt character and it is nice to see a caring trusting person in the middle of all the cynics. I just hope this does not bode poorly for him. It certainly could keep Jessica out of trouble while Bill and Sookie are away in Dallas.

Sookie saves Lafayette in her arrangement to help Eric in Dallas. I personally thought he was now a vampire. I really like his character and wonder what is in store for him next.

Finally Pam and Chow. I get a kick out of Pam in general. Eric says she's lazy and she wears those pumps out to stomp through the woods. Of course I'm sure her feet don't hurt but it is still funny to think about that. One of the advantages of being undead! A really great episode with many different pieces to it. Wonderful story telling. That party really turned up the heat. The new monster brings a whole new danger to the world. Acting and production were top notch. I can't wait for two weeks from now for the next episode. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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