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True Blood – Strange Love

Sookie Stackhouse is a Southern Girl that lives in a small town in Louisiana. She is telepathic and it can drive her crazy on occasion. Life has been the same for Sookie until along comes Bill Compton a vampire who she cannot read.

I have read Charlene Harris. Excellent opening to the story with that piece at the little road shop. True Blood is the Synth Blood that was invented by the Japanese and makes it possible for Vampires who have come out of the closet to not have to drink human blood. It is interesting that it is marketed like beer!

Sookie is telepathic in that she can if she doesn't block it out hear peoples thoughts. What a curse! I would have to think that would be a terrible burden.

These books have been out a long time and the theme of a forlorn male vampire with a human female has been played out in many stories from Twilight to Moonlight to True Blood. Because this is on HBO the material seems to be a little more edgy in nature. You can see the true violence and ugliness of both the humans and the vampires.

The scene with the couple who is trying to bleed Bill out is quite graphic and probably plays better that way overall. Sookie is something else. With no thought of her own safety she goes after the two of them. Of course retribution is at hand but I think with the way the episode ended Bill will be around soon.

Nice first episode with some superfluous characters and strange happenings, but I have a feeling they will become important in the long run. I personally liked Sookie, her Grandmother, Bill, and Sam the most so far. We'll see how it all goes forward...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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