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True Blood – The First Taste

Bill comes and saves Sookie from the Rattray's. Bill feeds her some of his blood to save her life. The next day the Rattray's trailer looks like it was hit by a tornado and the Rattray's are crushed underneath. Bill comes and meets the family.

I take it that we are going to have a cliff hanger to end each week. Last week it was the Rattray's killing Sookie. This week is a bunch of vampires killing Sookie. I hope this is not a sign of things to come.

Jason gets cleared of the murder in the first episode "because he just isn't that smart". He beds another lady and finds a vampire bite on her as well. This seems to be a coming theme. Sookie invites Bill to her and her Grandmothers house for "dinner", and Jason and Tara crash the party. Of course you get the standard you're a vampire so we don't like you either speeches or innuendo.

Jason was in jail to end the first episode and now he is tied up in bed at the end of this episode. Another theme?

Another coincidence... maybe... is that people are dying in weird circumstances. The Rattray's died when their house fell on them? A renowned Professor and his family died on the highway in a freak accident right after he was on a program arguing with a vampire who is working for equal vampire rights. Another theme?

One thing we learn that I believe will be important is not only can't Sookie read Bill, but Bill can't glamor Sookie with his vampire charms. Interesting!

I liked this episode a little better than the first as it had a little less mystery and a little more meat to the story. It looks like this could get really good. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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