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True Blood – Timebomb

Great twists to this story as Godric, Eric, and Sookie take care of things. Jason seems to be straightened out. The Order has been slowed down for the time being based on Godric's leadership. We have a number of surprises and a surprise ending.

I really enjoyed this episode for the most part as it was somewhat a return to normalcy if True Blood can have that.

The whole ordeal at the Fellowship of the Sun Order was sort of surreal. Reverend Steve sort of got his comeuppance but you knew from the way Luke acted he was going to be trouble in the end. I just didn't expect that much. Talk about Jihad! I'll leave any other thoughts on this till next week for those of you who haven't seen the episode.

Poor Jessica and Hoyt. I really like this couple. I think she's going to have to get use to that problem she has if they are going to work things out. I must admit though she can't seem to catch a break and she does seem to be trying hard to be good.

Sam's in trouble but really Tara's in more I think. People are starting to realize they've been blacking out. You wonder is dumping Daphne's body in Sam's freezer really the best Maryanne can do. For being as powerful as she is she really has no foresight. She seems to spend more time fooling around then taking care of business which may be her downfall in the end! What's with the heart stew?

Boy Sookie is really something. She stands up to everyone. First it's for the humans against Eric after he promised not to hurt anyone. The it was against Reverend Steve about Eric being chained up on the table. Boy does Steve have a bad attitude by the way. Then she stands up against one of Godric's seconds. Finally she has a cat fight with Bill's maker. Talk about getting yourself in trouble! Godric stepping in really saved the day in this case. I loved the description of getting whacked in the head with a 52" plasma screen TV!

Jason came through in the end. You sort of knew that was going to happen once he found out Sookie was there. He really was very upset about being deceived. Anything The Fellowship knew about Jason before hand was common knowledge and Jason had supposedly repented so I'm not sure why Steve went off the deep end about Jason's past as he was not aware of his wife's infidelity. The only explanation is Steve is crazy!

Godric has turned out to be really something as well. He's turned into a pacifist. Not a bad thing but I would watch out if I were him. Some of his followers don't seemed to be convinced. Based on his age though I don't really think he probably needs to worry. He does seem to have evolved and you can understand his thought process. I liked his line about being older than Jesus Christ but he would have liked to know him.

A great episode and full of wonderful stories. The acting was stellar as always and the writers seem to be getting back on track. A very enjoyable time. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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