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True Blood – To Love is to Bury

Amy gets killed while she and Jason are under the influence of V. Jessica turns out to be nothing like the girl from before. Bill turns to Eric for help. Tara's Mom abandons her and Mary-Ann Forster bails her out and takes her home. Bill returns.

Obviously we know Jason is not guilty but now that we know who the murderer is it is no surprise that the killer follows Jason around as much as he does. Amy killing Eric was brutal and then how she tried to make up with Jason and got him to use the V the last time was devious. I did not see the killer getting her, but it does make sense.

Who is Mary-Ann Forster and is she a madam or a vampire? Bailing Tara out, beautiful house and car and a high disdain for the law in general. I have another bad feeling about this.

Paula's Pie House turned out to be the place Cindy Marshall worked at and she was the first girl murdered by the killer. Sookie saw all of this through her visions and remember it all once she got some sleep. Sam is a good friend to her, but is he the right person for her? In a way he is as strange as Bill.

Lafayette showing up at the politicians reception was great. The politician is a real hypocrite as he has had a homosexual relationship and I don't believe he personally had anything against vampires as well.

Bill shows up and Sookie bars him from her house and then she rebukes Sam as well. Leaving her alone for the night.

The finale should be a barn burner. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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